24 things to do this week

Your essential to-do list, as chosen by our editors

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Sentebale charity in Abu Dhabi

Charity chief exec Cathy Frier on Prince Harry's Abu Dhabi polo match

The catastrophe kid

Sporting no-hoper Holly Sands laments her disastrous athletic track record

Abu Dhabi Science Festival interview

Dr. Linda hopes to get more youths interested in science

First class travel envy

Seven hours of being so close yet so far from first class travel can mean sheer torment

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Grab your lab coats and goggles and prepare for 10 days of science fun

ArtTeas in Abu Dhabi

Tea making isn’t just about putting on the kettle and breaking out the bourbons

A moment to reflect

One year on, Benita Adesuyan ponders how fast time flies and wonders if she’s truly UAE

Normcore style in Dubai

Embrace the understated and relish the unpretentious

Manar Al Hinai interview

Introducing Anjez - a series of inspirational talks in the UAE

New bikini styles 2014

Jump off the deep end and into these new season one-pieces and bikinis

A UAE state of mind

Chanelle Tourish discovers she has become ‘so UAE’ over the years

Bootcamp fashion tips

Hit your fitness goals in stylish work-out wear for bootcamp domination

Not old, just older

Turning 30 isn't pretty, but for Rob Garratt it's a full-on train wreck in waiting


The Knowledge

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Nov 22

Learn Arabic or Shop locally

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Nov 21

Get inked or Sculpt poetry

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Nov 20

See a movie or Exercise in a bubble


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