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Family iftar recipes to try

Make your own lahmacun and kunafa

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Ramadan for families in Abu Dhabi

The dos and don'ts of Ramadan in Abu Dhabi

Family adventure holidays

Bring real-life adventures to life around the globe...

IMG Worlds of Adventure in the UAE

Buckle up, folks, because things are about to get bumpy!

Financial planning for children

The importance of teaching children how to budget and save money

Ramadan books for children

Introduce children to the special time of year with a story book

Having a baby in the summer heat

How you can make giving birth in the middle of summer more comfortable

Best family-friendly airports

The best family friendly airports to break up the long haul

Summer sickness for kids

How to identify and treat common summer illnesses

Family-friendly music festivals

Four of the best family friendly festivals around the world this summer

Claws for thought

Carolyne Allmark goes in search of easy starter pets for Dubai’s animal-loving families

KidzMondo in Abu Dhabi

Theme park brand to open first UAE outlet at World Trade Center Abu Dhabi

On your bike!

Time Out Kids saddles up and goes in search of the best family bike ride spots in Abu Dhabi

Smart safety

Students at Brighton College Abu Dhabi were given a crash course in road safety and used their creative skills to highlight the key message

Slam dunk

Time Out Kids spoke to basketball coach Darrell Foxx at Extra International Sports, to find out about the kids’ coaching sessions

A slice of paradise

Pack the cases, grab the kids and head to Oman for a relaxing break. Imagine chilling by the pool, a fantastic kids’ club to keep the little ones amused and some wildlife roaming close by – it’s all here at the Six Senses Zighy Bay resort

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

It can be difficult to decide what the best course of action is when your child has a fever. We spoke to Dr Rita Kovesdi, a specialist pediatrician at Health Bay Polyclinic, for some key tips

Emirates Lit festival

’If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books’-Roald Dahl

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