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The hills are alive!

Live off the land and revel in the beauty of nature for your next family holiday, says Carolyne Allmark

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The Daft Knight

Why everything looks awesome for this month’s blockbusting Lego Batman Movie

A gift for a lifetime

Looking for some inspiration for that perfect Valentine’s Day present? A trip to Forever Rose could be the answer

Schools in Abu Dhabi

Every school has its unique selling point, so we wandered Abu Dhabi’s hallways to find exactly what those are

Love Food Festival in Abu Dhabi

The dishes behind this month’s exciting food truck fiesta

Observation Deck at 300

The best afternoon tea in the city – so good, we gave it an award

Raising The Steaks Friday brunch at The Foundry

Friendly service, a casual atmosphere and delicious steaks

Emirates Park Zoo

Get up-close with the fastest wild cats and the biggest bears at Emirates Park Zoo

The Abu Dhabi Cowboy

Meet the dad who ditched corporate life to pursue a passion for horses

Pre-school pressure in the UAE

Meet the nursery heads responding to an overwhelming choice, in a tougher economy, for early years’ childcare

Cupcake crush at The Galleria

Treat your crush to cupcakes at GOSSIP Café & Desserts in The Galleria

Dr. Jake Madden, Principal

School: Al Yasat Private School

Advice on choosing a school in Abu Dhabi

Time Out has advice on choosing a school in Abu Dhabi, with tips from the British International School

Universities in Abu Dhabi

Time Out has a list of universities in Abu Dhabi, including all higher education institutions

Sheraton Summer Camp in Abu Dhabi

Join in the fun at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort’s summer camp

Tune in

We flick on the TV and radio to discover some of the newest and most popular kid-friendly channels and shows in the UAE right now…

Beat the heat!

No need to worry about keeping your squad busy when the park is not an option and the sand at the beach burns your toes. Time Out Kids has your steamy summer days sorted with fun and frolics to keep everyone sane

Meet the neighbours

Stacey Turnbull lives with her husband, Colin, and children Amelie, eight, Isla, six and Imogen, one, in Baniyas East in the new Bawabat Al Sharq development. The family have lived in Abu Dhabi for three years. Time Out Kids gets the lowdown on family life in a new part of town...

Jurassic Lark

Inside IMG Worlds of Adventure, and the five other theme parks about to revolutionise your family's free time

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