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10 top tips for successful homework on how to get more from homework assignments

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Family deals in Abu Dhabi

Some lovely deals for your family to enjoy this month!

Going back to work after having a baby

Super Granny Andalene Salvesen offers advice to mothers returning to work

Friendship is about Dubai interview

Expat author Stefanie Opitz on why her book can help kids say 'goodbye'

Family life in Al Karameh

Alison Else and family share views on living in Al Karameh

Back to school essentials

Disappear school nerves with these goodies for every new starter

Family fun in Abu Dhabi this month

Sesame Street, jiu-jitsu, art camp and more things to do

Super savers

Six ways to save your family money in Abu Dhabi this month

Annabel Karmel interview

Nutrition expert Annabel Karmel shares some nutrition advice

Kids' music lessons in Abu Dhabi

Being able to play an instrument is a great talent to have for life

What to expect from early years education

UAE-based teachers on how you can expect to see your children change at school

Back to school checklist

What you need to do before sending kids back to school

Making friends in Abu Dhabi

Life coach Kelly Armatag prepares for International Day of Friendship

Tom & Jerry show in Abu Dhabi

Cartoon capers as the cat and mouse games came to Abu Dhabi

Summer schooling tips

Vivienne Foley shares her top tips on how to engage your kids all summer long

N2N Gallery kids camps

The N2N Gallery is offering a new series of camps for the young at art which will give your children an artistic passport to the world

Where to play indoors in Abu Dhabi

Time Out Abu Dhabi Kids shows you where your kids can play away from the heat!

7 ways to cool your kids down

The best ways to beat the heat in Abu Dhabi this summer with your kids

Family fun in Abu Dhabi in July

Barney the dinosaur, summer camps, craft lessons and more things to do

Al Muna School teacher interview

Year 2 class teacher, Joanna Whittaker looks back on her memories of school

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