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UAE animal attractions

Where to see tigers, sharks, snakes and more exotic animals

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Summer clothes for kids

Cool clothes for children during the hottest months of the year

Protecting your child's ears in the UAE

A guide to ear ailments to watch out for after a day at the pool

Yoga for youngsters in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's Bodytree Studio now offers yoga for children (yes, really)

Sesame Street Live at Summerfest

Dress up fun for kids on stage in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi asthma alert

The importance of having an action plan in place for your child

Great summer reads for kids

Latest books for little people to keep them occupied

Little Wings Foundation

We speak to Dr. Marc Sinclair about the musculoskelatal deformity charity

Gym for toddlers in Abu Dhabi

Want your little one to be active from a very young age?

Summer safety for children

With the mercury already rising it is more important than ever to protect your child

Summer camp kid kit

Everyday essentials for keeping cool and looking cute

Dance classes for kids in Abu Dhabi

Arabesque Ballet Center team explains the benefits of dance lessons

Summer camps in Abu Dhabi

Sports, crafts, animals and more ways to entertain kids in Abu Dhabi

Swaddling in Abu Dhabi

Having trouble getting your little one to sleep? We're here to help

Kids' clothes in Abu Dhabi

Give your children a summer makeover with these seasonal outfits

Abu Dhabi breastfeeding tips

Worried about breastfeeding and returning to work? We're here to help

Take a journal on your journey

Keeping kids engaged and entertained on summer holidays isn’t always easy

Kids' cooking classes in Abu Dhabi

The best classes for children taking place in Abu Dhabi

Learn to swim in Abu Dhabi

Living in a country full of pools means it’s never too early for your little one to learn how to swim

Annabel Karmel recipes

Easy (and healthy) lunchbox recipes for your kids to try

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