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Sharing a story together is a lovely way to explore the world around us or snuggle down for a cozy read after a busy day. With the Holy Month of Ramadan being celebrated in homes across the UAE, we have sought out some special books with the themes of giving, celebration, friendship and fasting. They are all essential additions to your bulging bookshelves.

Curious George, that cute and curious little monkey, has explored lots of different celebrations across the generations, but this is the first time he has celebrated Ramadan. This brand new addition to the Curious George repertoire, It’s Ramadan, Curious George by Hena Khan, is gaining high praise for being a very open and inclusive book.

The tale begins with an excited George visiting his friend Kareem’s house and preparing for the start of Ramadan. He busily bakes cookies in the shape of moons and stars to enjoy at iftar and takes a trip to the mosque to make food baskets for the poor, even coming up with some mischievous ideas of his own. Kareem feels a little hungry at midday and George steps in to distract him with a game. Kareem and Curious George then break the daily fast after sunset by eating pizza, as well as chocolate-covered bananas, before donning some new clothes to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr feast. The Man in Yellow even trades his regular head-gear for a Yellow Fez’.

Available to rent from www.bookish.ae.

Under the Ramadan Moon, Sylvia Whitman (ages 3-5)
The rhythmic text is appealing to pre-schoolers and the drawings show the moon beautifully. www.bookish.ae.

My First Ramadan, Karen Katz (ages 4-8)
A beautifully illustrated book which follows one little boy who is now old enough to fast and observe the Holy Month with his family. www.kinokunya.com.

Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story, Reem Faruqi (ages 6+)

A little girl, celebrating Ramadan, feels left out because she doesn’t have a lunchbox like her friends. www.bookish.ae.

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