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Kids Academy Childcare UAE is a world-class early childcare centre that supports personalized and holistic development for children in their formative years. The Kids Academy Childcare Group offers a British-based curriculum for children aged 45 days to four years, operating under the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The company, which was founded in the UK in 1999, recently signed a master franchise agreement with Faraj bin Hamoodah Holding for expansion into the UAE. TOAD caught up with Sue Jones, founder and proprietor of Kids Academy Group – Kids Academy UAE to get the low down on childcare.

We always hear about issues surrounding early childhood care, why do you think this is?

Early childhood care is immensely important in the overall development of a child. Children need to be in a safe and stimulating environment where they can develop the confidence to explore the world around them and learn how to build relationships with their peers. Children are like sponges, they soak up knowledge and can retain information and memories at a very early age. Given how critical it is for children to receive the proper care in their early years, I am thrilled to see there seems to be an increased focus in the UAE on ensuring there are the right facilities and trained professionals available who can encourage children to reach their maximum potential as they progress into formal education.

How can parents avoid any issues surrounding child care?
Parents can ensure their children get the right care in their early years by being actively involved in their children’s development. At Kids Academy we believe that parents are a child’s first educators; we have trained professionals who support this, but we actively encourage a ‘parents in partnership’ approach as we work together on children’s individual interests. This ensures that learning is fun by promoting structured learning through play. We carefully monitor children’s development via our development records and encourage a shared approach through regular parents’ evenings where we discuss and monitor individual development progress and discuss next steps for children’s advancement.

Why is it important to provide high quality care and stimulating interaction for children at a young age?
It is in these formative years that children develop their sense of self and their outlook on the world. The correct stimulation encourages a healthy curiosity in children that manifests itself in a future interest and passion for learning. Positive experiences at an early age provide the foundation for future success later in life.

How can the quality of care be improved here in Abu Dhabi?
The provision of childcare in the UAE is changing at a phenomenal pace. The introduction of the Ministry of Education’s new quality standards is a pioneering change, and as long as these new standards are coupled with an effective and rigourous inspection, evaluation and enforcement program, the quality of childcare available to parents and children will significantly advance. Staff training is absolutely key to ensure caretakers are delivering individual, person-centered care catering to children’s needs in a nurturing, caring and stimulating environment.

What do parents need to be aware of when considering putting their child into care?
Every child is unique, they develop at their own pace in their own time. No two children are the same, although they go through the same developmental stages such as walking, running, jumping and skipping, the rate at which they acquire these skills and reach these milestones will be completely unique to the individual child.

At what age can you start thinking about putting your child into childcare?

At Kids Academy we start to care for children as young as 45 days old. As long as parents are actively involved in their children’s development, the right nursery environment can provide a healthy and rewarding experience for young children and babies where they receive trained supervision and develop their individual needs through person-centered planning and through valuable interaction with their peers.
Kids Academy UAE is located in Khalifa City A (17th street, close to HCT), Abu Dhabi, Sunday to Thursday, 7am to 4:30pm, (02 557 7636)

By Angela Beitz
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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