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Barney the giant purple anthropo-morphic tyrannosaurus is back in Abu Dhabi with a new show, Barney’s Space Adventures – a musical that will take your kids along on the dinosaur’s spaceship on a journey across the universe.

It’s not on any NASA charts, but Barney manages to land on aptly named Perfectly Purple Planet where King Morado and Queen Purpurina host a royal ball to celebrate Barney’s love for children. Barney loves all children you see, even children from other planets, and for 90 minutes he’ll sing and dance about it. We also have it on good authority that there will be much hugging and merriment to be had.

And in anticipation of the purple biped’s visit to the capital, Time Out sets out to unravel the mysteries of the green-spotted beast by grabbing random children in a bookstore – and here we would like to thank the kind mums for not bashing us with their purses – and asking them questions; here’s what they had to say:

Michelle, 7

Is Barney a boy or a girl?
Barney’s a boy, but sometimes he sounds like a girl. That’s okay though, most boys in school sound like girls. Dad says they will sound like men when they grow up, so they’re okay.

Did you know Barney’s Space Adventure was coming to Abu Dhabi?
Is Abu Dhabi in space? Mum, are we going to go to space? [Sorry, Mum.]

Ralph, 8

Does Barney eat children?
That’s a really stupid question; of course he doesn’t eat children. I think you’re stupid.

Sorry, it’s just that he’s a dinosaur and dinosaurs are very scary...
It’s a man wearing a suit, so if he wanted to eat you he’d need a mouth the size of (pauses to consider) the size of a car. You’re really stupid.

Katy, 8

Where do Barney’s parents live?
They live on the moon. But that’s just his dad, his mum lives in Texas.

Why Texas?
I think it’s not allowed to keep dinosaurs in other states. But in Texas it’s okay, because everyone is carrying a gun to shoot dinosaurs if they go bad.

So are you planning to go watch Barney in Abu Dhabi?
No, we’re going back home to visit this weekend. But I hope no one shoots him.

Karen, 6

What’s Barney’s favourite food?
Ice cream and cake. Sometimes he eats people too.

What kind of people does he like to eat?
He eats anyone I tell him to.

Will he eat us?
(Thinks hard) I won’t tell him to if you bring me ice cream and cake.

Elias, 10

Are you going to watch Barney’s show in Abu Dhabi?

Why not?
I’m 10. I don’t want to watch children hug a dinosaur.

What’s wrong with children hugging a purple dinosaur?
Leave me alone man, I just want to buy a book.

The show will take place in Abu Dhabi National Theatre on June 9, 10 and 11. Featuring a cast of 16, Barney and his friends will perform live on stage, with shows at 11am, 3pm and 6pm (Thursday: 3pm and 6pm only). Tickets from Dhs125 to Dhs295 are available at Virgin Megastore, Spinneys and all Early Learning Centre branches.

By Karl Baz
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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