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Posted by: Shilpa Suyal on 09 May ' 13 at 08:33

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FRIDAY BRUNCH AT LE DECK: My Husband and I went for Friday Brunch at Le Deck. We had very high expectation from the place as we have been to couple of good brunches in Abu Dhabi. But unfortunately we were very disappointed with the whole package. The only good point was the view. The view is very nice. The Brunch isnt actually a brunch. It is a set menu with very less/ practically no choices. There is a three course menu with three/four items every time. The food isn't delicious. It is just a normal tapas food with nothing special about the taste or presentation. I was looking forward to a good brunch which unfortunately didn't happen.Even the Desserts weren't good. Though they have a live station for the desserts which actually is like a brunch. I wouldn't recommend it to people who would want to visit the place for the brunch. It isn't worth. Talking about the prices. It is very very expensive to what we get. They offer three packages. Two for Alcoholic and one non alcoholic. We opted for the house wine option which to our surprise didnt have cocktails included in it. Generally in all brunches we have been too included cocktails. It is hence overly priced for what options of food/drinks we get. Again reiterating the point that it was a disappointment to a brunch which we were looking forward to attend.Hence not recommended to the Friday Brunch Lovers. The view no doubt is great and that is the only plus point Le Deck had to offer to us.

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