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Posted by: naseem ahmad on 09 Jun ' 13 at 09:11

i want a job for waiter can u give me chance

Posted by: kitty on 24 Apr ' 13 at 13:11

That is not free at all. we paid 50 AED/per person.

Posted by: opeli nobert on 12 Apr ' 13 at 23:24

good insight am new in UAE from uganda and would like to enjoy all this

Posted by: prajosh M.K. on 17 Mar ' 13 at 16:23

looks good

Posted by: Dee on 11 Mar ' 13 at 10:08

Things to do in Abu Dhabi and events

Posted by: Jessica on 03 Mar ' 13 at 14:52

Unfortunately it is not free to visit this museum!
I went there in 2011 and they were already charging AED 50,00 which is quite expensive!
We were there again this weekend and the price is still AED 50,00!

Posted by: Rachid on 23 Feb ' 13 at 05:49

Not exactly free is it...

Posted by: Sharon Laubscher on 22 Jan ' 13 at 17:05

Thanks for this information, I am new in AD and will definately make use of this and explore these exiting places.

Posted by: mehdi-rezaei on 09 Sep ' 12 at 20:30

very vell thank you.

Posted by: Julia on 01 Sep ' 12 at 19:11

great mix of free things to do. I will certainly go to some of these ideas> But slighty odd to include free pregnancy testing as one of the free things!! And also where there is a cost but it is free for children under 4!! ha ha! Good list, J

Posted by: wisdom c echebelem on 01 Sep ' 12 at 18:15

what a lovely place, this is wonderful

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