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Posted by: Gergana on 04 Feb ' 13 at 13:44

Uhm, Tama, which restaurant are you writing about? hard to tell because your comments show up for all the choices...

Posted by: Tama on 21 Jan ' 13 at 17:39

Food is great!
But the price is high and service is slow.
But the acoustic of the place is terrible and it is filled with noise, chairs are not comfortable.
Bit of a head scratchier. Price wise, service speed wise, not a place for a quick bite. But the noisy atmosphere and comfort(or lack of) level is for the fast food.
But the food IS good.

Posted by: PaulyP on 26 Aug ' 12 at 19:10

Tiramasu is the bested I've ever tasted in my life. I never got all the buzz about tiramasu until I tasted Mirabels. Only problem is its sooooooo addictive.

Posted by: It on 26 Aug ' 12 at 18:37

Isn't there already a shop in mushrif mall?! Still wouldn't go to Tim Hortons even if it was the only place on earth to get coffee

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