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Posted by: Shahid on 06 May ' 15 at 08:40

@Thomas what you meant by personal choice? Do you know that the government is struggling to save the people in city from Obesity. Public pool is a better option to entertain as well as for a better health of public. No one can resist food unless the restaurants stops putting taste buds to catch people. Stop eat & exercise is not good. Eat & exercise is the good option to be healthy. As far as I know Dubai has 2 public pools , one in Mamzar and one in Mushrif park as well.

Posted by: Thomas on 20 May ' 13 at 20:52

@fahim ahmed
not true ... it is all about your choice and how you see things
it seems you can not resist the food !

Posted by: CAPT PRAKASH KUMAR on 25 Mar ' 13 at 11:38

Can anybody suggest me any of the swimming pool in Abudhabi where public can can take membership monthly,yearly

Posted by: VHD on 30 Aug ' 12 at 14:00

UPDATE: It is now 690 AED...not 500. Suprized me when I called.

Posted by: N on 24 Jul ' 12 at 19:56

Agree with Fahim! My quest for a reasonably priced pool left me with the option of Al Jazeras murky pool with mouldy changing rooms and bizzare ladies' timings. No, theres no swimming for us here in Abu Dhabi. Shame.

Posted by: goose on 14 Jul ' 12 at 13:56

My friends and I had the worst experience at the Park Hyatt's pool(s).. In weather like this, what could possibly be going through the managements' minds to allow p-warm bordering on hot water temperatures for their pools??? On the upside, the Beach House restaurant serves incredibly delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a twist.. small portions but yummy! In conclusion, good for a lunch with friends, but skip the pool experience.. unless that was a one-time problem that has been fixed.. fingers crossed!

Posted by: Alison on 12 Jul ' 12 at 07:17

I agree with Fahim, i am a member of a small club which is relatively affordable for me 4,000 per year and 60 aed admission but still that is a lot of money for many people

Posted by: fahim ahmed on 19 Jun ' 12 at 06:01

Its funny how abu dhabi has no decent public pool, where normal people (who dont have 150-500 dhs to spend everyday) can go for swimming as an exercise. But the number of fast food/unhealthy food options are everywhere. What irony.

This city is should be considered as the most encouraged obesity capital of the world! Eat all you like, and never exercise...

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