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Posted by: Father of Injured Daughter on 06 Apr ' 13 at 10:32

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Families be careful! As soon as you enter this Family friendly restaurant, there are 3-4 Concrete steps WITH NO HANDRAIL that you have to go down in order to reach the main restaurant floor. We had just finished lunch, and my Daughter who has a very quiet personality decided to go up these steps to have a look at the window. Suddenly, she slips from the side of the steps and falls smack down on the concrete edge causing a deep 4 cm gash in her chin. We where very lucky as I managed to get to the Emergency in time to treat her. The next day, I thought to pay the restaurant a visit so as to ensure this doesn't happen to someone else and explain what had happened and that the whole incident may have been avoided had there been a handrail fixed. When asking for the manager, he was not there . When insisting on speaking to him, I was asked from my phone number and was told that the manager will call me. Until today almost 2 weeks later and he still did not call. What a shame! I am very disappointed of how they have dealt with me and this is why I thought I spek out here. Take Care . . .

Posted by: Sara Husain on 06 Oct ' 12 at 08:19
  • Best for: Family friendly

This place doesn't have much on an ambience, but the food makes up for everything else! Simple amazing chicken and lamb dishes, I think delivery and takeaway is the way to go. If they have a slightly more welcoming staff, this place could actually be nice to take friends and family in large parties!

Posted by: Siddique on 17 Apr ' 12 at 02:58
  • Best for: Family friendly

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