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Posted by: Berengere on 21 Oct ' 14 at 11:40

im French from the south and i consider myself as a heavy Pizza eater so I went to try the Pizza they serve in Viceroy!! I guess the restaurant is called "AMICI" it was TERRIBLE!!! and very overpriced!! it was everything but not ITALIAN! I was very disappointed :(

Posted by: Rasha on 13 Jun ' 13 at 07:24

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I think Russo's at Al Wahda mall beats all of those! Its seriously the best pepperoni pizza in the world! They have it in a giant size too.

Posted by: Michele on 17 Feb ' 13 at 06:00

Pappagallo is definitely NOT a fantastic pizza.
I warmly suggest you to try "Il Pizzaro" ( or Italianissimo at Boutik Mall ( Very fresh ingredients in both the places, authentic italian style dough and delivery service.
I am italian too, so i know what I am talking about :-p

Posted by: just me on 05 Nov ' 12 at 12:37

Olivella, in Mark's And Spencer for me is the best I've had in AD....and I think I've tried them all lol, Delicious and not crazy expensive like some other places around! YUM!

Posted by: Jan on 22 Oct ' 12 at 14:41

Papa. Johns

Posted by: Francesco on 13 Sep ' 12 at 12:37

best pizza in Abu Dhabi is Biancorosso. Ask to the Italians like me...

Posted by: REL on 27 Aug ' 12 at 10:16

I didn't like Biancorosso, the ingredients they had weren't that fresh. Went for lunch during the weekend.

Posted by: Zoey on 29 Jul ' 12 at 14:47

Ever tried Yas Viceroy?? Magerritta there is FA BU LOUS and all other restarounts are awesome. Its 5 star

Posted by: Kevin on 21 Jul ' 12 at 13:58

Olivella - Marks and Spencer Mall
Best pizza in Abu Dhabi & fantastic value!

Posted by: David on 13 Jul ' 12 at 07:28

I agree with an earlier posting by one of your readers. Olivella's at Marks n Spencer has excellent pizza. I love the simplicity of the margarita they have, with buffalo cheese and baby tomatoes, and enough tangy sauce, very thin crust. Delish! Ive had a couple of their other pizzas, also fab. and great prices!

Posted by: Georgina on 25 Jun ' 12 at 10:35

Try Pizzeria Olivella at the Marks & Spencer Centre (they deliver too). Just opened up a few weeks ago. It's unbelievably adorable- like stepping into an Italian time-warp. Great vibe.

I reckon they have the best pizza in Abu Dhabi by far- proper Italian style: thin, light crust, really nice toppings (my fav is the Maharaja).

This is an essential must try in Abu Dhabi for any pizza lover.

Posted by: Stefan on 07 May ' 12 at 05:49

You haven't tried APi CAE Gourmet yet??!!, is located in Khalidiya Tower behind Veneto and NBAD Corniche Branch. Our italian team is creating the most delicious dishes from Insalata's to Pizzas and Italian Biscotti. Now we have Real Pizza in Abu Dhabi.

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