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Posted by: Jacques on 09 Nov ' 11 at 14:26

I left the Emirates recently after working there for two years.
I am now in Canada.
I loved it and would not mind going back... at all.
I enjoy reading this and also things about Dubai (I lived in Palm Jumeirah) through Time-Out Dubai.
Maybe' I'll come back ?

Posted by: ammar on 07 Jun ' 11 at 22:38

its wonderful when Big snoop dogg come 2 abu dhabi > really i have fun with my friend at yas island :)

Posted by: Ty from the Bronx on 17 May ' 11 at 03:41

Yeah you need that Arab money Damm snoop I thought you were all american

Posted by: james mcvey on 11 May ' 11 at 17:49

you spelt my sisters and my name wrong, its McVey **

Posted by: Max Sommers on 11 May ' 11 at 06:34

I cannot believe that Laurence is being serious when he says about Dogg "He's only misogynistic cos of racism". Utter nonsense. If he is a victim of racism, he should be making common cause with other victims of racism, 50% of whom will be female, rather than calling them "hos". What about all the black men in the USA who are NOT misogynists? Have they somehow avoided racist discrimination? I doubt it. Dogg is a misogynist because he is an unpleasant and ignorant individual. There is simply no excuse for such attitudes.

Posted by: Wathi on 10 May ' 11 at 05:40

It was Max fun!!!! Had a crazy night.. Love u snoop...

Posted by: Laurence Camley on 09 May ' 11 at 14:10

Max isn't right. Snoop is da bomb. He just uses street language cos that's how he's raised. He's only misogynistic cos of racism. You can't knock the hustle Max

Posted by: Martina on 09 May ' 11 at 13:33

I loved this concert! Well done Snoop & Flash!!! :-)

Posted by: mowliid adaan abtidon on 09 May ' 11 at 06:53

Posted by: Max Sommers on 09 May ' 11 at 06:40

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I am puzzled by the implication in the above article that Snoop Dogg in any way appeals to those with "a more adult taste in music" unless the intended meaning was those with "a more adult taste in music than your typicL 10 year old". I am not saying that there is no hip-hop that is suitable for adults (Chuck D, Lauryn Hill, amongst others) , but it certainly does not contain any ranting about "hos" and "b**ches". Dogg is just another purveyor of the nasty, misogynistic claptrap that has given the entire genre a bad name.

Posted by: amin on 08 May ' 11 at 11:22

hahahaa ,, im there :P with the white tchirt :P ..
snoop dogg u r really sick man . LOVE U

Posted by: Joy on 08 May ' 11 at 06:10

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ngiti to the max! can't hide the excitement... :)

Posted by: Lourdes Rueda on 08 May ' 11 at 05:06

love it....

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