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Simon West, purveyor of big screen bangs that have ranged from the sublime (the mulleted masterpiece Con Air) to the ridiculous (failed Angelina Jolie showcase Tomb Raider) has been rather quiet since 2012’s Expendables 2. Certainly by his bombastic standards. But now he’s back. And he’s brought Dominic Cooper along with him.

The movie in question is Stratton, an unengaging-looking actioner for which Cooper has grown a massive beard, presumably to try and look less like the least likely British Special Boat Service commando ever put on screen.

He’s out to track down an international terrorist cell led by rent-a-baddie Thomas Kretschmann. Derek Jacobi also has something or other to do with it, but if you can figure out what from the trailer you have far greater powers of perception than us. Our guess? This will have decent action and a story that could have been written by a team of monkeys.

The bottom line
An average-looking thriller. Good beard, mind.

By Time Out staff
Time Out Abu Dhabi,


  • Duration: 95
  • Released: Thu, 18 May
  • Language: English
  • Director: Simon West
  • Stars: Connie Nielsen, Tom Felton, Gemma Chan

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