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Marvel extends the Netflix arm of its cinematic universe with this latest character intro-series that follows the adventures of Danny Rand, a loner out to fight evil with an almighty glowing punch.

Following on from Daredevil – which also managed to feature the first successful live-action interpretation of The Punisher – Luke Cage and, best so far, the trauma-filled Jessica Jones, this show will similarly build towards the massive climactic crossover series, The Defenders.

Here, Danny (Finn Jones) returns to New York after being presumed dead when the plane carrying him and his parents crashed somewhere in the Himalayas. But while Danny’s parents perished, he was rescued and raised by a group of warrior monks to become the Iron Fist, a metaphysical brawler with a hand that glows gold. Which is, frankly, handy, given he finds himself up against an evil ninja organisation known as The Hand. Colour us interested…

The bottom line
Marvel’s new Netflix show swings in in style.

Time Out Abu Dhabi,

Iron Fist

  • Released: Fri, 17 Mar
  • Language: English
  • Director: Scott Buck
  • Stars: Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Rosario Dawson

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