A Few Best Men


Brit-Australian comedy is Bridesmaids with testosterone Reviews

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Described as the male version of Bridesmaids, A Few Best Men follows a stag night that ends in disaster and a wedding where nothing goes right. London-born David meets Australian Mia on an island holiday and the two plan to get hitched after just ten days. When he breaks the news to his friends back home, the controlling Tom, subservient Graham and borderline-suicidal Luke depart as his bridal party to Australia, keen to make it a wedding they will never forget.

It’s unusual to find an Australian film that merges British and Aussie humour so well. It may not challenge Australian comedy smash The Castle, but it’s bound to make your eyes water.

By Kate Enright
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

A Few Best Men

  • Duration: 97
  • Released: Thu, 07 Jun
  • Classification: 15+
  • Language: English
  • Director: Stephan Elliott
  • Stars: Laura Brent, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop, Tim Draxl, Solveig Walking, David Sullivan, Elizabeth Debicki

User reviews:

Posted by: T.G. on 12 Jun ' 12 at 18:15

The movie is too relaxed to be a good comedy, and too flimsy to be a good anything else. The build-up is too slow for the kind of disasters that take place, which makes me think maybe it's a cultural thing. When it does pick-up the pace, acting, and music, it does so in the last 15 minutes.

The characters and their relationships are not well-established at all, but again, a good pace and a little bit of good acting/editing would've made it ok.

What I thought was interesting was the foley mix, the location, and the intro to light Australian music...or regular music performed by Australians. These, of course, don't qualify for a recommendation, just a graceful excuse for sitting through an accident.

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