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Mystery of Arabic cinema

Why aren’t there more Middle Eastern movies on our big screens?

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UAE box office top 10

The most popular films at UAE cinemas last week

Channing Tatum interview

Hollywood star on White House Down, Jamie Foxx and action movies

9 extreme movie dads

Think Darth Vader is a bad parent? We've got many more questionable fathers on film

Top 10 at UAE box office

The most popular films in UAE cinema's this week

Abu Dhabi Film Festival

ADFF is on the look out for talented directors and producers

Top 10 at UAE box office

What were the country's most successful films last week?

6D cinema in the UAE

Taking movies to the next dimension

Top 10 at UAE box office

What was the most popular film at UAE cinemas this week?

Michael Shannon Superman interview

Boardwalk Empire star on Zod, Zack and rebooting a comic book legend

Jaden Smith After Earth interview

Will Smith's son on films, music and famous families

Zach Galifianakis on Hangover 3

Hollywood heavyweight on playing movie franchise's much-loved moron

Top 10 at UAE box office

Iron Man or Robert DeNiro - who won the box office battle?

Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek interview

Brit actor on Star Wars, dragons, detectives and more

Free Arabic movies in Abu Dhabi

The AFLAM organisation shows local cinema gratis. For now…

UAE box office top 10

Which were the most viewed films at UAE cinemas this week?

29 must-see movies

The best blockbuster movies coming to a cinema near you

Leonardo DiCaprio Great Gatsby interview

Hollywood star on his role in Baz Luhrmann's ambitious adaptation

Top 10 at UAE box office

Did Iron Man 3 fly straight to the top of the UAE box office?

UAE box office top 10

What were the most popular films in the UAE this week?



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