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The stars of Oscar favourite I, Tonya

We talk to Hollywood’s Margot Robbie and Alison Janney

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Time Out talks to Martin McDonagh

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is not your average film

Time Out talks to Paul Thomas Anderson

The director welcomes us to the twisted world of Phantom Thread

Abu Dhabi backed Denzel Washington blockbuster scoops Oscar nomination

Hollywood star earns Best Actor nod for film partly funded in the capital

Behind the scenes of All The Money In The World

We speak to the stars and director of the J. Paul Getty biopic

Time Out talks to Armando Iannucci

The Death to Stalin director turns his sights from politicians to dictators

Time Out talks to Hugh Jackman

The Hollywood star is back with The Greatest Showman

The Justice League's Aquaman speaks to Time Out

Jason Momoa spills the beans on the superhero movie

Learn more about Blade Runner 2049

We speak to director Denis Villeneuve and Ryan Gosling

Why you should be excited about the movie It

For years many feared it would never happen. Now It is finally here. And it will scare your socks off.

Get a first look at new Abu Dhabi-produced film this weekend

Trailer for UAE comedy will hit theatres tomorrow

We chat to straight-talking comedian JoJo Smith

She's been a musician, a journalist, and now she’s coming to Abu Dhabi's Laughter Factory to mark 24 years in the stand-up game

Adam Wingard talks Death Note

Hip horror wunderkind Adam Wingard talks Death Note, the big-budget Netflix remake of a gruesomely clever Japanese manga classic.

Eleanor Coppola on making her first film at 81

You know the name - she’s the matriarch of a family of movie legends. We talked to her about debut film Paris Can Wait

Everything you need to know about The Defenders

Four loners with extraordinary powers join forces in Netflix’s new Marvel show

Now on Netflix: Gypsy

Naomi Watts on her role in killer new thriller

Now on Netflix: Ozark

Best known for comedy, Jason Bateman turns to his dark side for Ozark, aka The New Breaking Bad

Time Out meets Spider-Man

The star and director of Spider-Man: Homecoming talk reinventing an icon

Time Out talks to Edgar Wright and the Baby Driver cast

We talk to director Edgar Wright and the cast of Baby Driver, this year’s coolest film, about robbing banks, driving cars and the importance of original movies

Agents who caught Pablo Escobar coming to the UAE

Real-life Narcos agents are coming to Dubai for a two-night show this October



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