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10 Years

High-school-reunion film for miserablists stars Channing Tatum and Chriss Pratt

Comedy Drama Romance English
12 Years a Slave

Uncompromising slavery drama and Academy Award favourite

Biography Drama English
127 Hours

Gory real-life drama directed by Danny Boyle

Adventure Drama English

We’re willing Géla Babluani to surprise us with this one, though it’s less down to the director and more to the talent that we’re a little wary of this remake

Drama Thriller English
1911 - Action Adventure Drama English
2 States

Hindi film

- Drama Romance Hindi

Crazy sci-fi flick from Ronald Emmerich

Action Adventure Drama Sci-Fi English
3 Days to Kill

Kevin Costner stars as a spy facing up to a terminal disease. Right

- Action Crime Drama English
3 Idiots

Hindi film

- Comedy Drama Romance Hindi
300: Rise of an Empire

Action sequel promises plenty of battles and blood

Action Drama War English
5 Days Of War

War drama about Putin's 2008 invasion of Georgia

Action Drama War English

Gritty drama about troubled Belfast life in the early 1970's

Action Drama Thriller English
99 Homes

99 Homes is a tale of hope, greed and the human cost of the global financial crash

- Drama English
A Certain Justice

Post-Iraq war action movie with Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones

- Action Drama English
A Christmas Carol

The third ‘performance capture’ animation from writer-director Robert Zemeckis

Animation Drama Family English
A Gang Story

French film

- Drama French
A Little Bit of Heaven

Excruciatingly bad wepie drama about a fun loving gal's struggle with cancer

Comedy Drama Romance English
A Little Chaos

Elegant period romance with Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman in 17th century France

- Comedy Drama Romance English
A Long Way Down

The novel A Long Way Down is not-quite-vintage Nick Hornby

Comedy Drama English
A Madea Christmas

A string of dawdling sitcom stereotypes in this Tyler Perry festive vehicle

Comedy Drama English
A Moment in Time

Tagalog film

- Drama Romance Tagalog
A Most Violent Year

Absorbing drama set in the early 1980s New York finance world

Action Crime Drama English Spanish
A Mother's Story

Tagalog film

- Comedy Drama Tagalog
A Perfect Day - Drama English French Spanish
A Perfect Getaway

Palm-sweating thriller with Milla Jovovich

Drama Horror Thriller English
A Royal Night Out

Emily Watson in this post-war comedy about two adventurous princesses

- Drama Romance English
A Second Chance - Drama Romance Tagalog
A Thousand Words

Eddie Murphy learns to hold his tongue in poor comedy

Comedy Drama English
A Walk in the Woods - Adventure Comedy Drama English

Hindi film

- Action Drama Thriller Hindi

Hindi film

Drama Hindi
Aaz Ashab

Arabic film

- Drama Arabic

Boring dialogue and plot holes galore in drab thriller

Action Drama English
Abka Kabelny

Arabic film

- Drama Arabic
About Time

Richard Curtis comedy with Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams

Comedy Drama Sci-Fi English
Adore (Two Mothers)

Loopy Australian melodrama starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright

- Drama English

Christina Ricci speaks to mortician Liam Neeson after her untimely death

Drama Horror Mystery English

Hindi film

- Action Crime Drama Hindi

This historical drama tells the story of a slave in Roman Egypt as he tries to win his freedom

- Action Adventure Drama Romance English
Airlift - Drama Thriller Hindi

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