1. Oscar Isaac interview

    A Most Violent Year actor on Star Wars, gangsters and more

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    Trends, movies and stars to brighten up the silver screen this...

  3. 2015 Oscars: best dressed women

    Red Carpet fashion highlights from the 2015 Academy Awards

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New releases

  • Zarafa

    Family animation about a young African boy who befriends a giraffe

  • Combustion

    Fast cars and glamorous women in this 'Spanish Fast and the Furious'

  • The Protector 2
    The Protector 2

    Action-packed martial arts film starring Thailand's Tony Jaa


Also showing

  • Testament of Youth
    Testament of Youth

    Stiff period drama chronicling the life of English feminist Vera Britain

  • Big Eyes
    Big Eyes

    True life drama about famed painter Margaret Keane directed by Tim Burton

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service
    Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Pastiching James Bond is hardly a new idea (see Woody Allen in the 1967 Casino Royale, not to mention the entire Austin Powers franchise)

  • The Gambler
    The Gambler

    Thriller remake with Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman

  • Son of a Gun
    Son of a Gun

    Hardware-heavy, action-packed prison escape drama with Ewan McGregor

  • A Most Violent Year
    A Most Violent Year

    Absorbing drama set in the early 1980s New York finance world

  • Robot Overlords
    Robot Overlords

    Family sci-fi with Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley sees robots ruling humankind

  • Blackhat

    A computer hacker (Chris Hemsworth) is released from prison to combat cybercriminals

  • Song of the Sea
    Song of the Sea

    Melancholic family animation based on wistful Irish folklore

  • Black Sea
    Black Sea

    Modern submarine drama with Jude Law and Jodie Whittaker

  • Selma

    Powerful performances and weighty subject matter make this a five star civil rights drama

  • Birdman

    Oscar-tipped five star Michael Keaton comedy about an actor struggling with fame


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