1. Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is smashing barriers for women in...

  2. Best TV of 2017

    When it gets too hot to go outside, sit back and binge-watch TV

  3. Actor Brian Cox on new film Churchill

    The great Brian Cox talks playing the great Winston Churchill

  4. The Mummy is the first in an enormous, evil universe

    Tom Cruise’s monster squad are not doing things by half

  5. Time in with Netflix

    Time Out takes a look at the best movies and series on Netflix...

New releases

  • The Mummy
    The Mummy

    Review: A feeble start to the proposed Dark Universe franchise stars Tom Cruise

  • Maudie

    Review: A top-quality anti-crowdpleaser is quite lovely and stars Ethan Hawke

  • Preview: Cars 3
    Preview: Cars 3

    Pixar stars back for one last lap


Also showing

  • Churchill

    Brian Cox plays Britain's most famous leader in this intimate character study

  • The Bleeder
    The Bleeder

    A decent but seen-it-all-before boxing biopic of journeyman Chuck Wepner

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman

    Gal Gadot is the titular heroine in DC's blockbusting superhero reboot


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