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    Cricket star M.S. Dhoni is getting excited about the release...

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    10 movies you have to catch before the year is out

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  • The Light Between Oceans
    The Light Between Oceans

    Romantic epic from highly-acclaimed director Derek Cianfrance stars Michael Fassbender

  • The Magnificent Seven
    The Magnificent Seven

    Heavy-on-the-action remake with Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke and more

  • Snowden

    Oliver Stone turns his camera on political whistle-blower Edward Snowden

  • Bridget Jones’s Baby
    Bridget Jones’s Baby

    Renée Zellweger is back as diary-keeping and pregnant Bridget Jones

  • Blair Witch
    Blair Witch

    A genuinely terrifying retracing of a classic found footage horror

  • Sully

    Real-life plae crash drama from Clint Eastwood (director) and Tom Hanks

  • Pete’s Dragon
    Pete’s Dragon

    70s nostalgia, music and a Spielbergish tale of a boy and his pet dragon

  • Ben-Hur

    Ropey, unnecessary remake of a classic has plenty of CGI chariots

  • Morgan

    Does artificial intelligence pose a danger to the future of humans?


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