1. Summer blockbusters 2017

    The hot blockbusters that’ll keep you cool this scorching...

  2. Ben Wheatley on Free Fire

    British director Ben Wheatley’s new movie Free Fire is set...

  3. Beauty and the Beast 2017 remake

    Her out of Harry Potter and him out of Downton Abbey reinvent...

  4. Brad and the city

    The first look of Abu Dhabi-shot flick, starring Pitt, is aired

  5. Time in with Netflix

    Time Out takes a look at the best movies and series on Netflix...

New releases

  • Alien: Covenant
    Alien: Covenant

    Better than Prometheus. But it’s no Alien as Michael Fassbender stars in Ridley Scott's sequel to a prequel

  • Don’t Hang Up
    Don’t Hang Up

    Some okay chills but a shocker of a plot in a horror inspired by Scream and Saw

  • Preview: Stratton
    Preview: Stratton

    An average-looking thriller with Dominic Cooper, Thomas Kretschman and Derek Jacobi


Also showing

  • Colossal

    Bizarre and rather wonderful black comedy in cinemas now

  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword preview
    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword preview

    Guy Ritchie's revamp of the King Arthur legend finally arrives in cinemas

  • Spark: A Space Tail
    Spark: A Space Tail

    It’s interesting that for all of the format’s ability to literally do anything, animation is most often at its best when it trades in the banal

  • I, Daniel Blake
    I, Daniel Blake

    Moving, passionate and furious social commentary from Brit director Ken Loach

  • Free Fire
    Free Fire

    Crooks 'n' quips caper from director Ben Wheatley stars Cillian Murphy and Brie Larson

  • The Lost City of Z
    The Lost City of Z

    Amazonian exploration drama has cannibals, compelling visuals and character


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