1. Beauty and the Beast 2017 remake

    Her out of Harry Potter and him out of Downton Abbey reinvent...

  2. Brad and the city

    The first look of Abu Dhabi-shot flick, starring Pitt, is aired

  3. Ali F. Mostafa interview

    Prolific Emirati filmmaker on new movie, The Worthy

  4. Time in with Netflix

    Time Out takes a look at the best movies and series on Netflix...

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  • Logan

    Comic book road movie is Hugh Jackman's swansong as Wolverine

  • Dog Eat Dog
    Dog Eat Dog

    Crime thriller from the brain behind Taxi Driver stars Nicolas Cage

  • Preview: The Last Word
    Preview: The Last Word

    Shut up and deal. Shirley MacLaine is back on screen

  • Manchester by the Sea
    Manchester by the Sea

    Casey Affleck should nail the Best Actor Oscar for this brooding drama

  • The Worthy
    The Worthy

    Mad Max meets the Middle East in Ali F. Mostafa's latest

  • Loving

    Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga star in this civil rights drama

  • The Salesman
    The Salesman

    Latest from Iranian writer-director of the Oscar-winning A Separation

  • Preview: The Remains
    Preview: The Remains

    A family move into a creepy house and are haunted by possessed antiques

  • Preview: Fist Fight
    Preview: Fist Fight

    Ice Cube and Charlie Day are two teachers out to settle their differences


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