DJ Saif in Anu Dhabi

Multitasking DJ on the launch of The Project at Sax nightclub

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Zoella beauty tips

YouTube star's new range of beauty products now available in UAE

Indoor golf simulator in Abu Dhabi

Play any PGA course in the world on the Performance Golf simulator

Time Out Shanghai picnic guide

Time Out picks some of Shanghai's best spots to take a picnic

Chef Ali Ebdowa interview

Emirates Palace chef on Ramadan, inspiration and Emirati food

Best takeaways in Abu Dhabi

Indian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese and more great takeouts

Best summer festivals in the world 2015

Your ultimate summer music festival guide 2015

Salwa Zeidan gallery in Abu Dhabi

How Salwa Zeidan has been shaping the Abu Dhabi art scene for more than 20 years

Best fake tans in Abu Dhabi

Beat the heat this summer, but don’t forego your golden glow

Blind tasting meals in Abu Dhabi

Love, and food, has to be sampled blind at Bord Eau in Abu Dhabi

Healthy food for Abu Dhabi kids

How Omar Al Duri is planning to bring healthy food to your child

Jazz Arabia comes to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s 24-hour jazz radio station takes to the airwaves

Charlotte Knight on Ciaté

Nail art's rising star discusses her work with Olivia Palermo

Adult sport classes in Abu Dhabi

Ballet, skateboarding, horse-riding and more classes to try

Movie tour of Japan

Nine iconic Japanese movies to watch before you visit the country

Rebel Wilson on Pitch Perfect 2

Bridesmaids star and serial scene-stealer Rebel Wilson talks to Time Out

6 summer TV shows to watch

True Detectives, Hannibal, CSI, Penny Dreadful and more must see shows

Faking it…

There’s never a dull moment in the life of Mark Dinning. He reflects on his first time at Cannes

53 summer family activities in Abu Dhabi

The weather might be steamy, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had

Weaning babies in Dubai

Midwife Dru Campbell shares her views on when and how to wean babies

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IGN Convention coming to Abu Dhabi
Aug 4

The IGN Convention, which has taken place in Dubai, Bahrain and Doha, is coming to Abu Dhabi's Yas Island

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Aug 4

Train dirty at Yas or Make maki madness

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Aug 3

Get down to business or Share C. Mondo pizza


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