Abu Dhabi Nurai Island guide

Time Out takes a look at the luxury island resort off the Abu Dhabi coast

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15 summer books 2016

Stephen King, JK Rowling, Irving Welsh, Yann Martel and more

Freezing your underwear and other bad ideas

Early boot camps, late night shawarmas, TV marathons and more bad ideas

Hollywood Watch List

The faces to look out for in this summer’s biggest movies

Ramadan offer

Generosity begins with Western Motors

Eid holidays 2016

Find the perfect retreat with one of these overseas bargains

Dish of the week: Beach House

The ingredients for this rocket salad come from the Park Hyatt’s own garden

Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi guide

Take a visit to Emirates Park Zoo to see giraffes, elephants and more

Liwa Date Festival 2016

Visit an annual celebration fantastically rich in Emirati culture

Bounce in Abu Dhabi

Trampoline park Bounce opens at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

Florence Welch interview

Florence Welch on music, getting psyched up to Beyoncé and Glastonbury

Iftar recipes to try at home

Executive sous chef Mansour Benali shares recipes that you can cook at home

How to be happy in Abu Dhabi

How to be successful in the pursuit of happiness in Abu Dhabi

Interview with golf club pro in Dubai

Time Out has a quickfire interview with golf club pro in Dubai. Here we speak to Emirates Golf Club’s head pro, Stephen Deane about golf in Dubai

Creatopia in the UAE

Creatopia is revolutionising how the arts are bought and sold

Paramotor ride in Abu Dhabi

Get airborne in an Xcitor Trike with Skyhub Paramotors

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Absolutely Fabulous moves from the sitcom screen to the cinema

Wakeboarding in Abu Dhabi

Wakeboarding star Omeir Saeed on his hopes of turning professional

Banish those beads

How will the ban of microbeads in beauty products affect our beauty regime?

Common summer skincare problems

Dr Shadan Naji on countering a common summer conundrum

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The Knowledge

Solar Impulse 2 lands in Abu Dhabi
Jul 26

Time Out has pictures as Solar Impulse 2 lands in Abu Dhabi. Its arrival at Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Executive Airport sets a new world record

Ramadan begins in Abu Dhabi
Jun 5

Time Out reports Ramadan begins in Abu Dhabi. Details of the Holy Month were announced by the moon-sighting committee on Sunday

Time Out Abu Dhabi - latest issue
May 11

Get the latest information about Time Out Abu Dhabi - latest issue, which you can buy on Wednesday, packed with things to do in Abu Dhabi


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