Making Tracks with Mia Wasikowska

Star talks playing ‘camel lady’ Robyn Davidson’s famous 1977 trek through the Australian Outback

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Downright weird museums of London

Time Out lifts the lid on some of the UK capital’s great unknown and unexpected treasures

This week's top TV picks

Staying in? At least watch something decent on the box

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Read between the lines and you’ll find there’s a whole lot more than books on offer

Game of Thrones interview

Time Out meets the cast of the bloodiest show on TV

New York University Abu Dhabi profile

Everything you need to know about NYUAD

Alliance Française Abu Dhabi

Guide to the French language and cultural institute

New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi

What you need to know about the capital's NYFA

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

On the campus at this world-renowned university

International Curriculum

TOAD met some of the capital’s students and discovered that the diverse university life in AD is in a class of its own

House of Nomad

UAE label making waves in the region's fashion scene

Nordic walking is cool

Even the art of putting one foot in front of the other goes through trends

Karaoke nights in Abu Dhabi

Where to let out your inner diva on the mic

The UAE's hottest music acts

Rob Garratt profiles the Dubai-based musicians making waves on record

Another bad chair day

Fresh to Abu Dhabi, Lisa Morgan battles against her new, more comfortable way of life

Children's fitness classes in Abu Dhabi

Healthy children are happy children, so keep yours active

Ali Al Sayed in the hot seat

Emirati comedian and co-founder of Dubomedy talks comedy in the capital

What to eat when you're training

We asked seven fitness freaks what they snack on to stay healthy and in good shape

Your country needs you!

We reveal some of the notable upcoming national days – and how to celebrate them in AD

Tried & tested: Namm Spa

We tried the Thai Heritage package, a showcase of the best of Thailand’s relaxation therapies


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Justin Timberlake-inspired nail art in the UAE
Apr 24

It's no joke - new designs honouring JT ahead of Abu Dhabi gig

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Apr 24

Enjoy after-work drinks or sing your heart out at a concert

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Apr 23

Take in some jazz at Jones or eat at the new Belgian Cafe


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