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Abu Dhabi Cause Connect

Art and Game appeal for Palestine makes a difference in Abu Dhabi

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Tanning responsibly

Be stylish yet eco-friendly at an Abu Dhabi tannery

Give a ghaf charity campaign

Meet the environmentalists donating trees to protect their community

Fresh fruit and veg in Abu Dhabi

Why buying local is our top tip for supermarket trips

Developing Emirati enterprises

Traditional Emirati weaving lessons in Abu Dhabi

Charity events in March

The Sok Sabay Fundraiser and Starwood Hotels Fundraiser are coming soon

Ability Centre in Abu Dhabi

Sahid Kurshid from the Ability Centre for Special Needs explains her work

ADFH Animal Shelter

Elest Ali visits the ADFH Animal Shelter and makes a few furry friends

What is microfinance?

Elest Ali investigates the ins and outs of anti-poverty scheme, microfinance

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint is an easy and worthwhile activity

Entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi

Injaz-UAE bridges the gap between Emirati students and workers

AmCham Excellence Awards

We speak to Greg Golden about the sophisticated charity event

Special needs art in UAE

We take a look at Mawaheb from Beautiful People

Take My Junk: Abu Dhabi

Downsizing or moving away? Don't just throw away your stuff

5 to remember: Charities

Looking to support a new cause this year? Try these projects

Gulf for Good fundraiser

UAE charity Gulf for Good are organising their next challenge. Elest Ali looks at what the Wild Wall 2012 will involve and what it will fund

The labour of ladies

Elest Ali learns a thing or two about women’s labour camps in Abu Dhabi and how local entrepreneurs are supporting workers

Constructive clicking with Be’ati Watani

Teaching environmental studies to the internet generation

Online games to save the planet

The Be'ati project that teaches kids about the environment

Flea market in Abu Dhabi

The Sheraton’s charity flea markets are an Abu Dhabi tradition



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