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Peeta Planet

Emirati brothers Peyman and Mohamed Al Awadhi discuss their new TV travel show

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Dhabi to Kibera

Fundraising insights from the Sheraton Abu Dhabi team

French expats in Abu Dhabi

Francophonie events celebrate France and the French this month

Astronomy in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi astronomy aficionado shares his starry fascination

CSR in Abu Dhabi

Time Out talks to The One about Corporate Social Responsibility

Bus raids in Abu Dhabi

Find out why Dhabi's charitable people have been stopping traffic

Stray animals in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi expats with open hearts and homes for cats and dogs

5 to try: Charitable projects

Be a better person and support a charity project in the UAE

Charity walk in Abu Dhabi

On February 22, Al Ain Rotana will host its annual Walk For A Cause

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Learn more about our emblematic, feathered friends

Have dinner for a good cause

Enjoy a fund-raising dinner at the Beach Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Help refugees with UNHCR in Abu Dhabi

How to reach out to millions of refugees around the world

Help at hand from Abu Dhabi Mums

We meet a group established to reduce many parenthood fears

UAE National Symphony Orchestra in Abu Dhabi

Classical musical society plan their next season in the capital

Cause Connect charity in Abu Dhabi

We meet the brains behind non-profit organisation

Camel whisperer in Abu Dhabi

Meet the man who can teach you the language of our humped friends

Learn about Abu Dhabi's ecosystem

The Emirates Natural History Group is one of the UAE's oldest groups

Clean beaches in Abu Dhabi

Two of Abu Dhabi’s beaches are awarded Blue Flag status

Exiles MC biker club in Abu Dhabi

Biker club is on the lookout for new members

Poetry in Abu Dhabi

People across the city are expressing themselves in classic art form



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