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Sheraton Flea Markets in Abu Dhabi

Bargain second-hand sales come back to the Sheraton Abu Dhabi

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How to give something back

Charity begins at home - here's how to make a difference in Abu Dhabi

Financial planning in Abu Dhabi

Experts share their top tips on how to manage finances and prevent debt

Gulf for Good - charity profile

Calling all bikers, hikers, and bucket list-strikers

Obesity in Dubai

The UAE is the fifth most obese nation in the world - but what can be done?

Living in the city - a newbie's introduction

New 'How to Abu Dhabi' workshop to help new residents get up to speed

Aid for Africa

How Born Identity Cameroon is helping families

Blood donation in the UAE

Get on board the blood donation drive and give a pint while you can

Find a doctor in Abu Dhabi

It’s not always easy to find a doctor you feel comfortable with. Get help today

Most charitable of the mall

How the city's malls are making it easier to give to charity

Improving labourers' lives

Community drive to help the emirate's workers this Eid

Setting up your own business in Abu Dhabi

Homemade entrepreneurs share their advice about starting out

Estate agents in Abu Dhabi

Renting in Abu Dhabi? Here’s how to find a reliable estate agent

Pets seeking homes in Abu Dhabi

Take a look at the cute cats and dogs in need of adoption

Abu Dhabi hospital guide

Where to go for medical attention in Abu Dhabi

The Lighthouse Club in Abu Dhabi

Ever stopped to wonder how a construction worker and his family cope

Feel Great Helping in Abu Dhabi

Feel Great Helping provides relief to low-income labourers in the city

How to unload your unwanted stuff

Leaving the country, downgrading or just need a spring-clean?

Time to make a change

As Abu Dhabi charity Choice 2 Change grows in its fourth year of operation, Caitlyn Davey speaks to founder Eva Kernova about their aspirations – and how you can help make a difference

Santa Cruzan in Abu Dhabi

On May 9, Filipinos will come together to celebrate with flowers



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