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5 to see: Parks in Abu Dhabi

Outdoors shouldn’t be out of bounds in the Abu Dhabi summer

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Australian Veterinary Hospital in Abu Dhabi

Animal ove and attention at the Australian Veterinary Hospital

Fun Nation Abu Dhabi summer 2016

Activities, events and celebrities coming to Fun Nation in Abu Dhabi

Solar-powered flight around the world

Two pilots are flying around the world without any fuel. Fin out more

Maria Cristina Foundation

One woman’s determination has helped improve the lives of the needy

TechShop in Abu Dhabi

From soldering metal to creating 3D chocolate moulds it is time to get skills

Liwa Date Festival 2016

Visit an annual celebration fantastically rich in Emirati culture

Turtle conservation in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi continues to support local turtles in need

Essential Ramadan information

Ramadan information, cultural advice and expressions explained

Dinosaur Zoo Live in Abu Dhabi

Get prehistoric with a dinosaur show at Abu Dhabi Summer Season

Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi

The park formerly known as Mushrif Central Park is full of activities

#United4UAE charity in Abu Dhabi

We look at how an Abu Dhabi initiative is helping local charities

The end of small talk in Abu Dhabi

Never discuss weather and brunch plans again with #EndSmallTalk

Abu Dhabi Golf Club activities

Films, food, music, markets, aqua fun - there is more than just golf

Ejar Car rental in Abu Dhabi

From Renault to Rolls Royce, has many motors to rent

The Fame Club in Abu Dhabi

A place for your children to flourish thanks to the arts

How to be happy

Reconnect with your happy-go-lucky side with these helpful hints

Parkour in Abu Dhabi

There is more to parkour than jumping around in car parks

New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi

Learn the basics of making a film and acting in AbuDhabi with NYFAAD

Splash @ Yas Marina returns

Extreme watersports make a big splash at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi



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