Abu Dhabi Q&A Facebook community

Behind the scenes at one of Abu Dhabi's most active online communities

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Cat adoption in Abu Dhabi

Furry friends looking for homes and families in Abu Dhabi

Operation Smile UAE

How a life-changing operation is making families smile

Emirates Foundation

Claire Woodcraft-Scott talks youth-empowerment with the Emirates Foundation

Building succesful relationships

The importance of confidence and communication in relationships

10 steps to being happy

Holistic health coach Daniela Rosu on how to find joy in life

Interview: Chari Cycles owners

When two sisters saw beauty in a heap of junk, Chari Cycles was born

Learning English in Abu Dhabi

Why a conversation class with Eton Institute could change your life

Abu Dhabi Awards 2015

Nominate an unsung hero for the highest civilian honour the Emirate offers

Charity in Abu Dhabi

Ramadan is the perfect time to be more involved in charity

Cycling fundraiser challenge

One Dhabi expat is gearing up to cycle 550km for charity

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Did you know Arabs and Vikings met the 9th century? Read on

Pearl tours in the Abu Dhabi mangroves

Set sail from the Eastern Mangroves Promenade and explore old Abu Dhabi

Jill Alexander Essbaum interview

The author tells Time Out about feelings of loneliness and her novel, 'Hausfrau'

Furniture removal in Abu Dhabi

Whether you are shifting home or merely downsizing there is help at hand




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