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Festive make-up tips 2014

Want to stand out from the crowd? Follow these make-up tips

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Henna parties in Abu Dhabi

Why bridal henna designs are becoming popular amoung brides of all nationalities

Juice detox in Abu Dhabi

We try a three-day Essentially revitalisation cleanse in Abu Dhabi

Iridium Spa in Abu Dhabi

Try the Iridium Spa and its ESPA skincare range in Saadiyat Island

Self-discovery workshops in the UAE

How one woman quite corporate life and started a quest for happiness

Fit & Flex Wellness Studios in Abu Dhabi

Try a body composition assessment at Fit & Flex Wellness Studios

Nobel prize-powered spa in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace Spa has Nobel Prize-winning potions and a peaceful Moroccan dreamscape

Are you addicted to your smartphone?

Dr Saliha Afridi of The LightHouse Arabia on curbing your smartphone use

New Age Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Transformational treatments at the flick of a physician’s fingertips

What is Spabiking?

Is it a bath? Is it a bike ride? Is it a spa? No, it is Spabiking in Abu Dhabi

Warrior yoga in Abu Dhabi

Flex your muscles and gives warrior yoga a try at the Bodytree Studio

Frenchie's Nail Spa in Abu Dhabi

We check in for a manicure and pedicure at the Al Reem Tower calon

Zumba in Abu Dhabi

Zumba pioneer Beto Perez is coming to the UAE to run a fitness master class

Kenzi facial at Silkor

Feeling grimy and keen to get clean? Try the Kenzi facial at Silkor

Abu Dhabi's biggest spa to open

23 treatment rooms and a blissful VIP vibe coming to Abu Dhabi Country Club

Vital Polyclinic - Tried & tested

Sarah Riches has radiofrequency occlusion at Vital Polyclinic

A load off your mind?

Keen to drop a few pounds with no effort at all, Sarah Riches gives weightloss hypnotherapy a go

Breast cancer prevention

Why self examination is such an important part of your regular health check

Breast cancer in Abu Dhabi

Why October is such an important month for breast cancer awareness

Saadiyat Beach Club massage

We tried the ultimate fitness massage at the rebranded Saadiyat Beach Club

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