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The power of echinacea

Take the route of herbal remedies to banish the sniffles this season

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Quit your job, become a… health coach

Goal chef, Heidi Jones shares her views on being a health coach

Executive grooming in The Lounge Abu Dhabi

Looking for more volume in his locks, Jack Dignum heads to The Lounge

How to get rid of bags under the eyes

Time Out Dubai has health and beauty tips from the experts, including these five cheats feeling brighter and getting rid of bags under the eyes

Guide to friendly bacteria

Time Out Dubai speaks to health experts in Dubai, this time from Saudi German Hospital, to bring a useful guide to friendly bacteria

Korean skincare regimes

We go behind the buzz surrounding Korean skincare regimes

Facial for men in Abu Dhabi

We try a much needed facial at Sense Spa in the Rosewood Abu Dhabi

5 ways to combat puffy eyes

Cucubers, potato and more ways to soften the eyes

What is Kangoo Jumps Power fitness?

We hop into the latest fitness trend in Abu Dhabi

5 ways to be more productive at work

Daydreaming, check your emotions, get some air and more ways to get through the day

Vintage Men’s SPA in Abu Dhabi

In need of some maintenance, Matt English heads to Vintage Men’s SPA

Can coconut oil give you whiter teeth?

Swishing coconut oil around your mouth is the next big health trend

Office workouts: 5 exercises to try

Squats, leg raises, clenches and more work outs when you are at work

ESPA Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

ESPA spa’s limited edition Mushriqa package is an all-rounder

Right Bite cleanse in Abu Dhabi

Kick-start a healthy eating regime with Right Bite’s new two-week cleanse

10 things you will learn at the spa

Disposable underwear, snoring, pan pipes and more things the spa will teach you

ESPA Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi offers

Ritz-Carlton’s ESPA is piling on the promotions in March

5 steps to mindfullness

Focus, daydreaming, emotion and more steps to accepting calm into your life

Cryogenic facial in Abu Dhabi

Hoping to maintain his baby face, Jack Dignum experiences CRYO Glow

How to reduce water retention

Coconut water, dandelion tea and more ways to reduce water retention

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