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Fasting myths debunked

What are the benefits, and how do I fast healthy?

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Botox... really?

We take a closer look at the growing trend for injectables in the UAE

NUYou Slimming Clinic - tried & tested

We try an espresso-coloured spray tan and report back

How fasting helps your body

A health expert explains the benefits of abstaining from food and drink

Apollo Medical Centre - tried & tested

We went in search of straighter teeth

Setting relationship boundaries

UAE experts on the key to positive relationships

Yas Island Rotana Spa

Head to Yas Island Rotana to detox and de-stress

Cooling spa treatments for summer

Spa deals and special offers to cool you off in Abu Dhabi this summer

20 reasons to love argan oil

Why this Moroccan elixir could be the world’s most useful beauty product

Cosmopolitan spa tried & tested

We went to try a new hairstyle at this Hamdan Street salon

New cover-up products to try

We investigate the new brands landing on UAE shelves

Edible facials in Abu Dhabi

New trend means it's now okay to have food on your face

Aesthetic Polyclinic tried & tested

A spot of face-firming at this Khalidiyah spot

How to gain muscle and lose fat

Expert tips to get the body you deserve

Accupuncture in Abu Dhabi

We try a stress relief session at the Gulf Chinese Medical Centre

Detox in Abu Dhabi

Detox has become something of a throwaway term in the beauty industry

Bodylines spa in Abu Dhabi

Try a rejuvenating and soothing aromatherapy massage at the Park Rotana

Life coaching in Abu Dhabi

How life coaching sessions could put you on the path to success

The ABCs of foundation

First there was foundation, then came the BB cream... and now it’s all about the CC cream. Confused? Us too

Find out which vitamins you're missing

Feeling under the weather or not looking your best? A simple diet switch may do the trick

Looking to play some sport?See Sport and outdoor



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