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5 foods with more vitamin C than an orange

Sprouts, kale, kiwi and more Vitamin C-loaded food

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Green Ruby Salon tried & tested

Big up the backstreet barbers. Matt English finds a diamond in the rough

Tips & Toes Gelish manicure

Trs the Gelish manicure and pedicure at Tips & Toes in Abu Dhabi

Urban Male Lounge Tried & Tested

Need to perfect that pompadour? Head to Urban Male Lounge

Seaweed facial in Abu Dhabi

We try the seaweed facial at Sense Spa, Rosewood Abu Dhabi

5 ways to avoid jetlag

Don't let a long-haul flight play havoc with your sleep patterns

Bodylines Abu Dhabi spa review

Liz Totton throws open the office doors to Park Rotana’s Bodylines Spa

2016 fitness trends

Health experts give us their thoughts on a year of fitness

Scintillia Skincare Spa in Abu Dhabi

Visit the Reem Island branch of Scintillia Skincare Spa

Gentlemen’s Tonic Tried & Tested

Matt English gets pruned for party season at Gentlemen’s Tonic

Bizarre spa in Abu Dhabi

Golf ball massage, caviar hair, underwater cycling and more

Five tips for better sleep

Five ways to boost your zeds

The Hair Lab Abu Dhabi

Untamed tresses? Liz Totton’s hair gets rinsed in the Hair Lab

London Sleep Centre in the UAE

Can’t get a good night’s rest? Find out why you need a sleep clinic

Sensory deprivation tanks in Abu Dhabi

Find peace all alone in a dark pod filled with water. No, really

Weightlifting at Cobra Fitness in Abu Dhabi

Try a personal iron-pumping session at Cobra Fitness

Five ways to get toned arms

Which exercises will help you tone arm muscle and banish bingo wings

Bayshore Beach Club’s Body Dreams Ritual

Jo Brett drifts away with Bayshore Beach Club’s Body Dreams Ritual

Bodylines Abu Dhabi spa review

We try a novel new treatment package at the Park Rotana in Abu Dhabi

Christmas fingernails in Abu Dhabi

We give our nails a seasonal makeover at Bedashing Salons

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