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20 amazing spa treatments in Abu Dhabi

20 of the most indulgent spa experiences in Abu Dhabi

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Hot facial in Abu Dhabi

Why the Organic AHA Paprika Facial is the hottest treatment in town

How to cope with anxiety attacks

What causes anxiety attacks and what you need to do about them

Spice yourself to fitness

Jalapeño peppers provide more than a kick of flavour

HydraCool therapy in Abu Dhabi

The hottest new thing in the world of facials comes to Sisters Lounge

The beauty benefits of kelp

Starskin founders on the beauty benefits of kelp

Travel skincare tips

Dr Mohammed Asif Qureshi's skincare tips for travellers

Beard grooming in Abu Dhabi

Expert advice on growing the perfect beard in Abu Dhabi this season

Switch to natural deodorant

Why switching to deodorant made with natural ingredients is a good move

5 reasons to say aloe

Acne, sunburn, digestion and ageing battled by aloe

Why should women shave

More women are turning to face shaving for exfoliation

How to tame frizzy hair in Abu Dhabi

Hair care professional tips on how to tackle tiresome, frizzy hair

Diabetes in Abu Dhabi

Dr Oman Gatee on how we can all make a change to prevent diabetes

5 reasons why chillies are good for you

Five ways chillies can do some brilliant things for your body

5 summer make-up tips

Five tips to make sure your make-up stays in place under the summer sun

Honeycomb those locks

This mixture of honey, banana and oils will help repair your damaged hair

Why you need body oil

Forget what you know. Shitika Anand explains why grease is good

Bean-based benefits

Here are five super seeds your body deserves

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