Laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi

Dr. Olfa Fahem from Kaya Skin Clinic, on the benefits of laser hair removal Discuss this article

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Dr. Olfa Fahem from Kaya Skin Clinic, on the benefits of Kaya Ultima laser removal.

It gets rid of body hair in the quickest, smoothest and most painless way possible. Customers have been blown away by the experience.

It’s faster
It’s the highest-energy hair removal system yet. Kaya Ultima takes almost one third the time other laser hair-removal systems take. While your legs can go hair-free in 45 minutes, your underarms will be done in 15 minutes flat.

Slower hair growth
Even when using ordinary lasers, it could take anywhere from three to four weeks between sessions for hair to surface again. But with Kaya Ultima, you could be looking at a long break of six to eight weeks between sessions.

No more pain
Kaya Ultima can melt away all those feelings of discomfort. With its special cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device, you’ll feel a cooling sensation down to the epidermal layer of skin instead of a heat rush, ensuring the highest levels of comfort.

Smoother skin
Kaya Ultima keeps your skin smoother for longer, delaying hair regrowth by the longest period it possibly can. It does so by penetrating deeper into skin tissue and directing a controlled amount of therapeutic heat at the hair root.

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