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Mukaila Raheem

Age: 28

Nationality: Nigerian

In Abu Dhabi: About 26 months

Credentials: Raheem (he prefers being known by his surname) has a YMCA Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Unit Certificate (level two), as well as a YMCA Certificate in Fitness Instructing in the context of the gym (level two) from Impact British Training Solutions in Dubai.

His story: ‘I was originally a security guard for the Shangri-La Hotel, but I was really into fitness and the gym managers noticed my physique and suggested I become a personal trainer. After that I took my
qualifications, and I’ve now been a personal trainer for about one year.’

Top tip: ‘I’m keen on rigorous warm-ups – I usually give my clients a full 10 minutes before we even touch any of the muscle training equipment. I’m also very careful to build up weight loads slowly until I’m certain my clients can take it.’

Training style: ‘I prefer doing a full body exercise, but it depends on the client’s needs. I normally tailor a workout on their personal goals and strengths. Personally, I do upper and lower body training, focusing on weight and abdominal training.’

Success story: ‘I had a guest who wanted to have a body makeover. He came into the gym and didn’t know where to start. I assisted him in building body muscle and toning his body as he requested, and I also assisted him with an eating plan to maximise his workout results. He noticed a change in his body after six weeks, and commented that it made him feel more confident and gave him a better body image. I have been working with him for more than six months already and he keeps commenting how working out and having a better body has changed his life, given him more confidence and generally made him feel healthier.’
The session: Having explained to Raheem that our job required some level of biped mobility, he concentrated on our upper body, working the triceps and biceps with relative ease – so ineffectually, in fact, that we pompously demanded an increase in weight. Foolish move. Not realising that something known as the trapezius muscle even existed, let alone that Time Out had one, we were humbled by our inability to lift a meagre three kilograms more than 20 times. So Raheem swiftly shifted our crestfallen bulk to the resistance machinery, where we finished off with ab crunches and a bit of leg work. We found Raheem to be a gentle but insistent trainer who saw us through a session well-suited to our fitness level. Any humiliation we suffered was entirely of our own making.
Ten sessions cost Dhs1,530 for members, Dhs250 per session for non-members. The Health Club, Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri, Bain Al Jessrain (02 509 8910).

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Posted by: Viri on 29 Nov ' 10 at 09:40

hi, am relocating soon to abu dhabi - must haves....

best hairdresser
personal trainer
waxing / threading
sikh temple for sprituality

appreciate any recommendations

Posted by: Shady Clayton on 22 Nov ' 10 at 10:02

230 AED for one session is a complete rip off. Far too expensive. Black belt gym in Najda street costs 300 AED a month. The 2 men working there are qualified instructors and give one to one sessions group sessions all night free of charge to members. I joined and have had 12 sessions up to now for no extra charge than my 300 AED per month.

People should not pay this and prices should come down. In England would you pay 50 pounds for a session - I think not!!!!!

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