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With fast food outlets on every corner and a fierce sun preventing outdoor exercise, Abu Dhabi is not known for its healthy population. This week, we’ve hunted down the capital’s best personal trainers, who, in the frontline against the tide of obesity, ply a valuable trade. Laces tied, sweatbands primed, non-perishable nylons ironed and dried: it’s time to pump some iron.

Margaret Ling

Age: 27

Nationality: Singaporean

In Abu Dhabi: Two months

Credentials: Besides personal training, she takes the power pump and power combat classes at the Hiltonia Beach Club, and is also qualified to advise on diet and nutrition.

Her story: ‘I’m originally from Singapore, but I’ve been working in the Maldives for the past few years – so I’m already an expert in sculpting beach-ready bodies!’

Top tip: ‘I make a lot of use of the Swiss ball while holding a medicine ball. This not only develops core strength and a rock-hard stomach, but it reduces the risk of injury when you’re doing other strenuous physical activity.’

Training style: ‘I try to mix things up to enhance agility and posture as well as strength. Your body is designed to do lots of different things, not just run forward or use the cross-trainer – your body gets used to the gym machines too easily. So I try to use a personal training session to involve the studio, the gym and even the great outdoors.’

Success story: ‘I had a client who was really overweight with a bit of a big belly, so we used the Swiss balls and medicine balls to really target her abs. Within a few months, she went from having a tubby tummy to chocolate-bar shaped abs.’

The session: The session began with a thorough fitness and body assessment. This was not quite as daunting as it sounds – we just had to stand on a machine that tells you everything from your ‘visceral fat level’ (how much fat you store around your middle) to your metabolic rate. When we could only bench press a miserable 15kg and managed four and a half push ups, she understandably expressed concern about our upper body strength. So we spent much of the rest of our hour using light dumbbells and a medicine ball before switching to rowing and running for the cardio element of the session. One of Margaret’s greatest strengths is that she can always explain the science behind her instructions. For example, catching us lamely pulling one leg behind us, she explained that stretching doesn’t work unless it is ‘ballistic’, meaning it uses motion to warm up the muscles first.
Dhs230 for non-members and Dhs195 per session for members. Hiltonia Beach Club, Hilton Abu Dhabi, Corniche (02 681 1900).

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Posted by: Viri on 29 Nov ' 10 at 09:40

hi, am relocating soon to abu dhabi - must haves....

best hairdresser
personal trainer
waxing / threading
sikh temple for sprituality

appreciate any recommendations

Posted by: Shady Clayton on 22 Nov ' 10 at 10:02

230 AED for one session is a complete rip off. Far too expensive. Black belt gym in Najda street costs 300 AED a month. The 2 men working there are qualified instructors and give one to one sessions group sessions all night free of charge to members. I joined and have had 12 sessions up to now for no extra charge than my 300 AED per month.

People should not pay this and prices should come down. In England would you pay 50 pounds for a session - I think not!!!!!

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