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BT Beauty Salon and Hairdresser

Scissor Rating: 4/5
The Lowdown
Lebanese hairdresser Cezar Azar has been a whizz with the scissors for almost 15 years. He styles the locks of many a starlet at the annual Abu Dhabi Film Festival, and I’ve been told by a number of gushing girls that he’s the best hairdresser in the city. So, after hearing these tip-top cutting credentials, I put my hair in his capable hands and, with a deep breath, tell him he can do whatever he likes. He gets to work with a pot of INOA, an ammonia-free, oil-distribution dye, so the more you use it, the healthier your hair becomes. ‘The structure is improved and it will look shiny and healthy,’ we are told. He picks a good colour for me, and takes great care with the application, checking it a number of times to make sure it is developing perfectly.

As for the cut, Cezar uses a technique which involves twisting my neck in a manner reminiscent of The Exorcist, and snipping at seemingly random chunks of hair. Thankfully, it all comes together, and I’m left with a very choppy, stylish cut that’s reasonably easy to take care of.

If you’re willing to splash the cash on a very experienced, very confident stylist who is able to advise you and revamp your look, Cezar is your man.
Helen Elfer

Cezar uses L’Oréal and RedKen.

Curls of wisdom
‘It’s really important to use top quality products and listen to the customer. Also, all our staff members go to training courses in London and Paris, so they keep up with latest techniques.’

Dhs200 for a cut, Dhs300-500 for colouring, depending on length.
Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort, Corniche (02 677 3333).

By Time Out Abu Dhabi Staff
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

User reviews:

Posted by: Neha on 18 Dec ' 14 at 09:09

Edited by TimeOutAbuDhabi.com

So I've heard great things about Cesar and called to make an appointment. The wierdest! - we dont make appointments, only walk ins. So no matter what time I went, I was doomed to wait. Not very practical for people who want to get out during their work day for a haircut.

Posted by: Melissa on 23 Sep ' 13 at 18:19

I also went to see Milad at the Ladies Salon at Intercontinental. Initially I entered the salon to trim my short, very curly hair. He listened and then invited me to trust him and try something different. I did and I love it! He relaxed my curls with a permanent and gave me a hip, trendy hair cut (still short) that is just as sophisticated as it is fun. He is professional yet engaging and has a vision for hair that is fantastic. I would highly recommend Milad!

Posted by: Laura on 02 Jan ' 13 at 15:52

I went to Sheraton Corniche as recommended by my colleague and found a wickedly good hairdresser. Ceasar does EXACTLY what you want, using his very accurate eye for style and shape.
I have fine, blonde scandinavian hair - a total challenge for most hairdressers in the area. To my surprice, I found a hairdresser that does the job better than my long-time hairdresser from back home. Blonde highlights and reshaping - more than 100 percent satisfied. And btw, not the most expensive hair salon in the country - definitely the total best.

Posted by: Joe Khawly on 26 Jan ' 12 at 10:16

Said is a very good hairdresser in Beach Rotana Hotel!
I was affraid to get a new haircut here in Abu Dhabi. Since i am used to cut my hair at my private hairdresser since long time ago!
But I can say the result was more thatn satsfying there!

Posted by: CAROLINE PARE on 08 Feb ' 11 at 12:15

Hi as a very experienced hairstylist of many years I to wonder as to the experience and training of these stylist.
I am trying to get to work out in Abu Dhabi myself this year and would provide a quality job for a fair price so would you have any idea how I go about sourcing some jobs please.



Posted by: just me on 01 Nov ' 10 at 15:09

I've not tried this one yet, but I suppose I will after seening this ad. I do wonder however, how do these stylists decide on what to charge for colour, cuts, etc...the prices are outrageous. I just had hair color and trim done today, my hair is already short and like I said iwa s a trim, and color of roots, no hightlights or anything, cost me over 500 dirhams...there's no special treatment either...and hairstylists don't give you their full attention as in talking to you the client. They talk to everyone else but...the stylists are mostly lebanese who are working in the hotels....and i also wonder about their real qualifications. That's the thing, they can charge whatever they want and am sure the majority don't have Master or prof hair stiyle certificates. Many learn by watching their friends. In Canada, and am sure in most other countries, you need to take at least a years course,t hen you have to intern under a Master hairstylist for so many hours. It'd be interesting to know how the prices are come up with....maybe you should think about doing somekind of a survey to find out those who are actually certified and also how they fix the prices?

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