Food writers at Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2017

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Charles Perry
Charles Perry is a culinary historian who has written extensively on medieval Arabian cuisine. He studied Middle Eastern Languages and has worked as a journalist for Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times. Interestingly, he started collecting medieval Arab cookery manuscripts in 1980 and has since published widely on the region’s food history.

Chef Angelo
Born in Brazil, raised in Italy and living in Dubai, chef Angelo has also spent his entire career in hospitality. He specialises in Italian cuisine and has extensive experience in the kitchens of, and creating menus for, some of Italy’s most notable hotels. Now he works at Culinary Boutique Dubai, a gourmet café and cooking school.

Chef Assia Othman
Morocco-born, UAE-based chef Assia Othman is the founder of Assia Kitchen, a cookery show, as well as the author of a recipe book both in Arabic and English. She is also a food stylist throughout the region, and is known for creating fusion dishes, using techniques and ingredients from Moroccan, Middle Eastern and intercontinental cuisines.

Chef Irfana Waheed
Chef Irfana Waheed started cooking with her mother and grandmother when she was just a small child. Nowadays she is the owner of a small California-based restaurant called Anaya’s Kitchen. She hosts weekly cooking classes, featuring recipes using seasonal and organic products to produce top-quality dishes.

Chef Julius Mutava
Chef Julius Mutava and his team won a Two Hat Restaurant Award in 2013, and he is now the head culinary instructor at Culinary Boutique Dubai, a gourmet café and cooking school. He has worked for brands such as the Southern Sun hotels, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London and a high-end catering company.

Chef Khaldoon Ghraizi
Currently at the Lancaster Beirut, chef Khaldoon Ghraizi specialises in Lebanese cooking and has developed and innovated many eastern dishes. Over his career, he has worked in hotels, restaurants and cruise ships, appeared on Lebanese cooking shows, as well as featured in numerous culinary conferences.

Chef Khawla Aissane
Not only is Chef Khawla Aissane a culinary master, she is also a kitchen and pastry correspondent across numerous channels. She has worked as a culinary instructor, hosted a number of cooking shows on radio and TV, and was director of Morocco’s first exhibition of
traditional cakes and the first festival of gastronomy in Agadir, too.

Chef Maimoona
Chef and blogger Maimoona is an expert in Mughlai (Hyderabadi) cuisine and runs a family catering business, which specialises in large weddings and functions. She learned the secrets of authentic cooking at an early age from her mother. Her curiosity for food developed after cooking at home where she found a passion for improvising dishes.

Chef Manzoor
It was at just 18 years old that Chef Manzoor started his culinary journey. Now with 28 years of experience, he works as Head Chef in Zabeel Palace, Dubai, having previously worked at Dhow Palace Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab. He specialises in Pakistani, intercontinental and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Chef Mohammed Mazheruddin
Chef Mohammed Mazheruddin has years of experience in managing big banquets through his catering company, Anmoal Catering. He hails from India, but now lives in Dubai, and is an expert in Mughlai (Hyderabadi) cuisine. He improvises dishes, participated in numerous cooking challenges and hosted cooking shows for book fairs.

Chef Nisreen Al Marzooqi
While Nisreen Al Marzooqi is an Emirati chef, she specialises in creating fusion dishes taking influence from Persian and Middle Eastern cuisines. She’s very good at whipping up creative, yet simple, dishes, and comes from a family that loves to cook. Her main inspiration and passion towards cooking comes from her mother and husband.

Chef Pawel Kazanowski
The Dubai-based chef moved to the UAE in 2008 to join the award-winning Japanese hotspot Zuma (the Abu Dhabi branch is our current Restaurant of the Year). Now he is the executive chef responsible for the brand in the Middle East and Turkey. While he specialises in Japanese food, he’s passionate about Polish cuisine and culture, too.

Chef Ritu Chaturvedi
Healthy vegetarian food is what food blogger, stylist and chef Ritu Chaturvedi cooks, using natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats and local produce. She believes the food we eat reflects the state of our health, a philosophy which was passed down to her from her mother, who taught her the importance of home cooking.

Chef Sevda Dursan
Chef Sevda Dursan is a Turkish chef who specialises in sweets and mezze. She has several awards and a long list of achievements. At the moment, she conducts cookery courses for children aged nine to 14, teaching baking skills, as well as organising events for Gulf Food Exhibition Dubai and Tike Turkish Restaurant.

Master Chef Pankaj Bhadouria
Chef Pankaj Bhadouria was the first-ever contestant to win MasterChef India, making her somewhat of a media superstar, as well as a culinary whizz. She has also launched her dream project – the Pankaj Bhadouria Culinary Academy, where she shares her passion for the kitchen with other cookery enthusiasts.

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