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Abu Dhabi Al Marasy guide

Cafés, restaurants and super villas dot the glassy lands of Marasy

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Abu Dhabi photos you have to take

Yachts, camels, attractions and more essential photographs

Awesome pictures of the UAE flag

Time Out has a gallery of pictures of the UAE Flag to celebrate UAE Flag Day, November 3. Check out the more inventive ways people celebrate.

25 things to do in Abu Dhabi this week

Check our editors' picks of the best things to do this week

24 things to do in Abu Dhabi this week

Dine at the Palace, Groove on the Green with Mark Ronson and more

Halloween in Abu Dhabi 2015

Spooky Abu Dhabi Halloween parties, boats, brunches and pop-up shops

Visit Sir Bani Yas Island

Visit Sir Bani Yas Island and see animals above and below sea level

First Apple stores open in UAE this month

October will see the first ever Apple Stores in the Middle East opening at big malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

25 things to do in Abu Dhabi this week

Food, fashion, parties, sport and more thing to try

Outdoor fun in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the great outdoors of Abu Dhabi with these al fresco activities

IGN convention in Abu Dhabi

Cosplay, gaming, comic books and a Game of Thrones star in Abu Dhabi

Yas Beach Octoberfest

German-themed celebrations down on the popular Yas Beach in Abu Dhabi

25 Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Classics, Dave Matthews Band, brunch and more

UAE road trips: Visit all the emirates

Visit all the emirates while your are visiting the UAE

24 things to do in Abu Dhabi this week

Bon Jovi, Oktoberfest, Pilates and more ways to enjoy in Abu Dhabi

23 things to do in Abu Dhabi this week

Rolling Stones tribute, Californian steak and more to enjoy

24 things to do in Abu Dhabi this week

Cruise the Marina, movies in the pool, kayak the mangroves and more

Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibtion

UAE's most renowned hunting and equestrian exhibition returns for its 13th edition

Abu Dhabi rent guide

How much money to pay for rent in Abu Dhabi neighbourhoods

24 things to do in Abu Dhabi this week

Horse festival, acting workshops, boat tours and more Abu Dhabi fun


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