UAE government's Ramadan 2018 working hours announced

Office hours are reduced during the Holy Month Discuss this article

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During Ramadan in the UAE, some things are done differently to the rest of the year.

One of these is the introduction of different working hours, which are reduced during the Holy Month.

The UAE’s Federal Authority For Government Human Resources has just announced that this year, working hours for government officials during Ramadan will be from 9am to 2pm.

For many, that’s three or four hours fewer than the rest of the year.

The working hours for private sector workers have not yet been announced.

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This year, Ramadan is likely to fall on or around May 15 to June 14, according to astronomers.

However, as the exact dates are dependent on phases of the moon, it won’t be confirmed until closer to the time.

For more on Ramadan, read our guide here.

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