Budget supermarket chain launches in UAE

Viva aims to cut grocery bills by a third Discuss this article

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If you're on the look out to save a few precious dirhams, we've got some good news for you.

The UAE's first discount supermarket chain has launched, and could be coming to Abu Dhabi soon.

Viva is aiming to cut shoppers' grocery bills by a third amid a rising demand for cheaper stores following the introduction of VAT in January.

But that's not all. Viva is planning to introduce a home delivery service for its 'cheaper and more convenient' range.

It is based on European chains such as Lidl and Aldi - and will offer stacks of own-brand alternatives to pricey products.

Viva has two stores in Sharjah, one in Dubai and one in Ajman, with plans for 11 more across the UAE by the end of this year.

Landmark Group, the company behind the chain, said it is a 'very good time' to launch the business because people are 'conscious of what they are spending'. You can say that again.

The company's boss Georg Fisher said: 'Customers will experience a different way of shopping where the highest quality at cheapest prices is found in a compact format all in one place.'

It comes just weeks after the UAE introduced a five percent tax on a range of goods and services.

If you're not sure when VAT applies, click here to read the list of everything that is subject to the levy.

Time to get shopping!

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