New rides revealed at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

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Theme park fans have been given even more reason to excited about the opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi – after bosses revealed new details about the eagerly-awaited Gotham City zone.

The mega Yas Island attraction is set to launch in the next few months and will be home to a superb six ultra-immersive lands, Metropolis, Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch, Warner Bros. Plaza and, of course, Batman’s stomping ground of Gotham City.

Warner Bros. chiefs revealed exciting information about the rides and facilities that will be on offer at Metropolis (Superman’s home from home) and Warner Bros. Plaza and now the Caped Crusader is getting in on the act.

Now a bat signal of intent has been set out about possibly the most highly-anticipated of the colourful lands that will be on show.

When the park opens this summer, Batman fans will have the chance to prowl the moody streets of Gotham City alongside the iconic super heroes’ band of arch enemies, such as The Joker, The Riddler, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn.

The comic book-brought-to-life area will include four all-new state-of-the-art rides and attractions, themed restaurants and memorabilia shops.

Visitors will be able to jump aboard a robotically controlled flying batwing vehicle to help the Dark Knight thwart crime in Batman: Knight Flight.

The Scarecrow Scare Raid blends wild interactive adventures with dizzying manoeuvres, while the Riddler Revolution is a high-octane rollercoaster which will leave you with only one question – when can I have another go?

We can’t forget the most famous villain of all, the criminal mastermind clown, The Joker. The Joker’s Funhouse features a series of physical and mental challenges conjured up by Batman’s fiercest foe, including a hall of mirrors, a shrinking corridor, a labyrinth, a hallucination hallway and moving carpets— among many other memorable encounters.

A host of delightfully puzzling games also await park guests at Rogues Gallery Games. Ranging from the Hi-Striker, the Whac-A-Bat, and the Get-Away Car, to the Toxic Blast and the Bazooka Blast, guests will have a chance to use their skills to reclaim Gotham Pier— a once peaceful landmark now held hostage by The Joker and his henchmen.

Hungry, law-abiding citizens can satisfy their appetites at Gotham City’s Finest — the Police Department’s own favorite hangout spot. If guests prefer living on the other side of the law, the Hall Of Doom, hidden in an abandoned subway station, hosts a dinner service for some of Gotham City’s most feared Super-Villains. If savoury delights don’t do the trick, guests with a sweet tooth can visit the Mr. Freeze Ice Scream Truck for an ice-cold dessert.

Friends and families can commemorate their visit to Gotham City by visiting souvenir shops filled with mementos and memorabilia, such as Park Row Pawn Shop and Monarch Theater Gifts.

Mark Gsellman, park general manager, said: “Home to fan-favorite DC Super Heroes, we’re very excited for our guests to experience the immersive environment of Gotham City, where Batman will emerge from the shadows to help fight crime and stop the city’s Super-Villains. From heart-pounding flight simulators to authentic landmarks, this land is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests of all ages.”

When it opens to the public, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi will boast 29 exhilarating rides and family-friendly attractions across its six worlds.

More details on other rides are due to be announced soon – along with the opening date.

By Chris Maxwell
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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