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Abu Dhabi Police
Pay traffic fines, renew or replace driving licences, pay parking and perform as many as 35 police services from your smartphone. There is even a nifty way of alerting another driver if they’ve gone rogue and blocked you in your parking space.
Android, Apple

Abu Dhabi Taxi
Newcomers and trendy web firms have come along to compete in the transportation market, but this group still has a large fleet of cars and detailed city knowledge. Book taxis, trace your journey, save information and map routes from your phone.
Android, Apple

We’re not saying you should, but this nifty employment app lets you browse and apply for literally thousands of jobs while sitting in a meeting with your boss and pretending to check the time. Also good for uploading your CV and networking in your industry.
Android, Apple

BeIn Sports
Watch live sports streaming directly to your tablet or smartphone with BeIN Sports giving access to football, basketball, motorsports and more as well as highlights packages and exclusive content. We’re not saying you should, but if you wanted to watch your team score during life's less sporting moments – parent-teacher night, a distant relative's funeral, a particularly long labour – you totally could.
Android, Apple

A multiple award-winning app based in Dubai, which aims to make mobile payments secure, simple and easy. We’re pretty sure a cashless society is in our near-future; Bridg is one step closer to that reality with the app allowing you to pay offline with a simple tap and swipe.
Android coming soon, Apple

Private taxi-booking apps have been both big business and hotly debated in recent years, with this Dubai-grown brand sporting decent promotions, neat ideas (kids' seats and luxury cars) and a growing good reputation. Track precisely how long it will take for your car to arrive and plan with confidence.
Android, Apple

You can’t do your big shop inside this shopping app but you can keep track of every aspect of the deal-icious MyCLUB card loyalty programme. There is a lot of point-checking to be done as well as the chance to get new discounts, create shopping lists and locate stores.
Android, Apple

Abu Dhabi’s “intelligent transport service in the palm of your hand” is extremely useful when planning journeys across the city. Like a well-informed friend, it has live data on traffic conditions, road works and estimated journey length to reduce the time you spend in traffic jams.
Android, Apple

What a time to be alive. Within just a few seconds and a couple of flicks of your thumb, you can be getting food delivered to your door from swanky restaurants, all without having to put on trousers. Plus you can monitor the progress on your phone the whole way.
Android, Apple

If you have a mobile, landline or TV package with du, this app should find a space in a corner of your smartphone. Whether you pre- or post-pay your du bills, you can settle your account, analyse usage and even arrange appointments with the du team direct from the app. Du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du, duuuuuuuu!
Android, Apple

Sell your sofa, buy a car, chat and negotiate directly with a vendor, save customised searches (handy when looking for property) or share your sale items directly on Facebook. This app is like having a giant souq in your pocket at all times.
Android, Apple

Read Time Out Abu Dhabi to discover the best restaurants and things to do in the city and then check this app to see if you can score a buy-one-get-one-free deal or further discounts with your Entertainer account. Monitor how much money you save over the course of the year, with monthly specials also popping up.
Android, Apple

Etihad Airways
Buy tickets, choose your seats, monitor your air miles and even track flights and luggage directly on your smartphone. Having the nifty app on your phone makes airport visits and travel plans easier than ever, so all you have to do is pack and hail that taxi.
Android, Apple

Like the du app, this only really makes sense if Etisalat is your telecoms provider. It’s a convenient hub for paying bills, checking account balances, updating details and even tracking down a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can save some of your data.
Android, Apple

Don’t wait until the Grand Prix rolls into town to get your F1 fix. The sport’s official app has timings of qualifiers, race day coverage and analysis, 3D maps and detailed stats on everything to do with the motorsport.
Android, Apple

This local start-up is taking on international couriers with its simple interface, easy payments and efficient service. If you have a simple package to send across town or over to Dubai, a Fetchr driver will collect it from your house and have it sent directly to an address of your choosing. Great for sending documents securely and cheaply.
Android, Apple

Happy Me
An award-winning shopping app from Géant supermarket lets you collect and spend coupons, plus receive cash discounts on everyday shopping. Manage shopping lists, customise your account and get reward points on everything from biscuits to blankets. Perfect for those who like to make a saving.
Android, Apple

Health Authority Abu Dhabi
Nobody plans to be sick, but keeping this Government app lurking on your phone has you prepared for when you are. Search for doctors, learn about medication, make appointments and payments or just verify your sick leave. Best used cocooned in your duvet while watching Netflix in bed and sniffling.
Android, Apple

Holiday Me
A travel app designed for holidaymakers in the Middle East. Rather than tap away at the latest game, you could be booking a holiday at one of hundreds of thousands of hotels around the world. A price guarantee on rates and simple package-building makes this a travel agent in your pocket. If you’ve ever tried putting an actual travel agent in your pocket, you will appreciate the convenience.
Android, Apple

Get groceries delivered to your door in just 30 minutes. Simple. Not to mention brilliant. The app also allows you to book a maid service and picks up from stores including Zoom, Almaya and aswaaq.
Android, Apple

Park in any of the seven emirates and pay your bill from this app. You don’t need cash in your pocket to avoid a fine – just punch in your deets and money is deducted from your phone credit, to keep you legal and secure.
Android, Apple

Finding the right person for a job around your home can be tricky. Would you know where to get a painter for your walls, a reliable mechanic or a good plumber? This app connects people in need with service providers in their neighbourhood. Just port your job to the wall and wait for the offers to come directly to you.
Android, Apple

Buy nappies, baby food, cuddly toys and clothes as well as thousands of other family essentials at 3am. Families waking up for a feed at all hours will appreciate the secure and easy anytime shopping portal.
Android, Apple

Claiming to be the Middle East’s largest online fashion destination, this style-lover’s app gives you access to more than 10,000 fashion buys. Save your preferred outfits and buy them there and then, or with a useful cash on delivery payment option.
Android, Apple

Walking across Abu Dhabi’s giant malls in search of bargains is a less than scientific approach to bargain-hunting. Leave this app on in your pocket and it will let you know if top brands (such as H&M, IKEA, Sharaf DG, Adidas and more) have special offers on.
Android, Apple

Novo Cinema
Book movie tickets for Novo Cinemas, watch trailers or just verify start times. All that while queueing for popcorn.
Android, Apple

A price comparison service that lets you shop around for bargains on your wish list, Pricena pulls the prices on hundreds of items from online stores like Souq.com, Namshi or Amazon.com and even set alerts when prices drop. Want to wait until that new phone hits under Dhs1,000? Pricena will let you know.
Android, Apple

Sell Any Car
Without being naming specifics, we reckon you'll be able to work out this app's bread and butter. However, if you are looking to trade in your motor, this app claims to guarantee the purchase of any vehicle and take care of all the paperwork and valuations while at it.
Android, Apple

Sell pre-loved clothes and accessories and make a few dollars back on your over-stuffed closet. Just snap a pic of your items and have them up for sale in under a minute. Or shop someone else's stash to find a bargain.
Android, Apple

Free delivery and international shipping (good for gifts) on dozens of brands in the UAE. The likes of Nike and Billabong can be purchased with handy features for style inspiration and hassle-free returns. New products are added all the time so if you know your size and don’t like malls, you need never go out again.
Android, Apple

A wallet bulging with loyalty cards tends not to have much room left for actual cash. Snappcard is a loyalty scheme which groups together an ever-growing list of venues and lets you earn points on purchases. These can be used for food and fashion discounts at coffee shops, boutiques and malls displaying the company logo, and best of all, free coffee once you've accumulated enough points.
Android, Apple

Okay, so this one is not exactly an Abu Dhabi-specific app, but for fitness enthusiasts in the city, it's a must-download. Strava syncs with your GSP and heart-rate monitoring devices to track and map your fitness goals and achievements. Feeling competitive? You can also compare your results with other joggers, runners and cyclists in your community.
Android, Apple

Fitness apps are among the most engaging in the smartphone world and we’ve been particularly taken by this homegrown effort. It counts steps, monitors goals and is a real part of the movement, well, movement. What is special about this app is how it makes a game out of physical activity. The more you move, the better your rewards, which can include free food and exercise classes in the UAE.
Android, Apple

Honestly speaking, the trouble with an everything-on-demand app like this is the impulse order. It's easy enough to hold yourself back from going to the mall and ogling store windows, but when the shop is in your pocket at all times, it's all too easy to have a quick browse and mysteriously manage to buy the same pair of jeans in three colours, teeth-whitening strips and a trampoline in just a few scrolls.
Android, Apple

Time Out Abu Dhabi
Never miss another copy of Abu Dhabi’s finest magazine by getting them direct to your Apple or Android device every week. Keep updated on weekly happenings in the capital, and save back copies to reread your favourite interviews and features
Android, Apple

This international car booking service has been a significant factor in streamlining taxi-ordering, Track your driver’s progress and don’t worry about having to give directions once in the car, with the precise details of your location synced from the app booking.
Android, Apple

Vox Cinema
Search by actor, cinema class, time or film name to easily book your tickets for Vox Cinemas in Abu Dhabi. By registering as a Vox member, you'll gain access to exclusive offers and information of advanced screenings.
Android, Apple

An internationally-acclaimed app, which was actually built and developed in Dubai. Get to grip with finances, set budgets and track expenditure. Useful graphics will display just how much is being spent on essentials and exactly how quickly all those orange mocha frappuccinos add up.
Android, Apple

Yas Mall
While not a comprehensive app, the full store directory and search options can be useful if you’re overwhelmed by choice. It’s a shame it doesn’t include a map of the centre, but you can get some details about in-mall events and offers while you take a much-needed breather in the food court.
Android, Apple

By Will Milner
Time Out Abu Dhabi,

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