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Get healthy and shed kilos with the UAE’s first scientific weight-loss app


By Luke Wilson

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How many times have you promised you’ll make time for something only to break said promise and never get round to it? Procrastination is not only a thief of time, it can also cause health problems, especially when that thing you’re putting off is starting a diet.

The arrival of a new app is now making it easier than ever to become healthier without having to give an inordinate amount of our precious time to it. The brainchild of 27-year-old entrepreneur Dev Aditya Khosla, weightmonitor UAE is the country’s first app-based scientific weight-loss programme. Sign up and you’ll get access to a dedicated personal nutritionist along with a motivational scoring tool to help lose weight and stay fit.

One of the key advantages of weightmonitor is the fact that it cuts out the need to visit a nutritionist each week, allowing members to consult an expert several times a day. These consultations will take several forms, including Skype meetings, chats via the app itself, a daily food diary, score reviews by the nutritionist and weekly weigh-ins.

“Weightmonitor UAE not only provides the convenience and affordability of a dedicated personal nutritionist to each client but also uses customers’ food data to indicate performance targets to help people stay motivated while on the programme,” says Khosla. “It’s a one-stop app for good health and weight loss for everyone.”

Another beauty of weightmonitor is that it’s very cost effective when compared to the traditional weight-loss route. So save those dirhams while you shed those pounds…

From Dhs499 (three-month package). Available for iOS and Android from the official website,

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