1. What to expect from La Verità

    Salvador Dali-inspired circus show comes to the capital

  2. David Blaine: Meet Mr Magic

    American illusionist heading to Abu Dhabi

  3. Ten things to do this weekend

    David Blaine and La Verità come to town

  4. This week's new movie releases

    Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson go head to head on UAE...

Editor's hot picks



  • Avasa

    Excellent service and tasty Indian food

  • Blue Grill

    Best steak on Yas but its other dishes are questionable

  • Sardinia

    The Italian chef at this dated Mediterranean restaurant is its trump card




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The Knowledge

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Aug 23

Chill on the beach or try a traditional roast

New football facility on Yas Island
Aug 22

Welcome to the impressive Yas Kicks

3 things to do today in Abu Dhabi
Aug 22

Party at a pool or watch an illusionist


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